Winners of the 2019 Indian Fair & Market Juried Competition

Best of Show and Best of Classification — VI Weavings and Textiles

First Place — Regional, Pan-Reservation, and Revival style weavings
Ephraim Zefren Anderson (Navajo), “White House Revival II”


Best of Classification — I Jewelry and Lapidary
First Place — Rings, earrings, pins, pendants, and hair ornaments
Liz Wallace (Navajo/Washoe/Maidu), “Sunset Dive”


Best of Classification — II Pottery
First Place — Carved, native clay, hand-built, fired out-of-doors
Daryl Whitegeese (Pojoaque/Santa Clara Pueblos),
Red and White Carved Vase


Best of Classification — III Paintings, Drawings, Graphics, Photography
First Place — Paintings
Thomas Tapia (Tesuque Pueblo/Tewa), “Buffalo Dance”

Best of Classification — IV Pueblo Carvings
First Place — Contemporary carved figures, including sculpture (Hopi, Zuni)
Donald Lomawunu Sockyma (Hopi), “To a Bountiful Harvest”



Best of Classification — V Sculpture
First Place — Stone
Cliff Fragua (Jemez Pueblo), “Song of the Rain Spirits”

Best of Classification — VII Diverse Arts
First Place — Dolls and figurative objects
Rhonda Holy Bear (Cheyenne River Sioux/Lakota), “Lakota Honor”


Best of Classification — VIII Baskets
First Place — Natural fibers and cultural forms
Don Johnston (Qagan Tayagungin), “Resting”


Best of Classification — IX Personal Attire
First Place — Cultural attire; ceremonial clothing sets
Leah Mata (Northern Chumash), “North Star Mother – She Guides Our Futures”


Open Standards — First Place
Terroll Dew Johnson (Tohono O’odham), “Deconstruction of a Basket”


Conrad House Innovation Award
Lyndon Tsosie (Navajo), “The Air People and Their Tea”


Idyllwild Arts Imagination Award
Kevin Pourier (Oglala Lakota), “Warrior Women, Finding Their Voices”