Student Art Show & Sale Committee


The American Indian Student Art Show & Sale (SASS) provides young Indian artists in grades 7-12 a unique opportunity to have their art displayed in a museum setting, to compete for ribbons and cash prizes, and to sell their work.

The Chair of the American Indian Student Art Show & Sale

The Chair of this committee is appointed by the President of the Guild with the assistance of the Community Programs Coordinator. The Chair, in turn, recruits 6-8 volunteers to help plan and organize the event  and assist in supervising and training the other volunteers. In addition, 50-60 volunteers are recruited to assist in conducting this event.

The Chair:

  • Reports progress and problems to the Community Programs Coordinator and attends all meetings scheduled by the Coordinator.
  • Invites the Coordinator to all meetings. The Coordinator will attend whenever possible.
  • Acknowledges by thank you note or other means, appreciation for the work done by the volunteers.
  • Sets up meetings and makes all arrangements necessary with the Museum Events Coordinator and Museum/Guild Liaison staff members.
  • Reviews the content of the public section of the Guild website to determine the accuracy of the information pertaining and sends necessary changes to the Guild Technology Chair.
  • Reviews the committee job description posted on the Guild and sends changes to the Guild Technology Chair.
  • In May submits the annual committee report to the Coordinator, the President, and the incoming SASS Chair.


  • Submit a proposed budget at call from Treasurer in early May.
  • Reserve the Monte Vista Room for the time needed before, during, and after the Show.
  • Update and maintain a mailing list of Middle and High Schools. American Indian artists and teachers who may be mentoring student artists should also be included.
  • Work with Museum Production Designer Marissa Groom to develop the announcement card (rack card) to be sent to the above mailing list. The card includes upcoming SASS details.
  • Assist Judging Chair, if needed, to recruit a qualified panel of nine judges from different art categories. Some judges may be drawn from the artistic community (artists, gallery owners, collectors, etc.). Heard Museum staff members have been relied upon more and more because an honorarium is not required. Judges in the past received $150. An attempt has been made to ask judges not on staff to donate their services.
  • Recruit, schedule, and train committee members to lead and serve on the various subcommittees before, during, and after the Show. The subcommittees are: Receiving, Computer Operations, Judging, Judging Day Luncheon, Staging, Preview, Members’ Opening Night Sale, Student Artist Reception, Silent Auction, Sales, Take Down and Packing.
  • Recruit and schedule the 50-60 volunteers needed to conduct SASS from previous year, at Guild meetings, and work with Guild Communications Chair to have articles and notices in Artifacts and “What’s Happening This Week.”
  • Coordinate publicity with Museum Director of Marketing, Design, and Graphics. Typically, publicity should include:
  • Items placed in selected media by the Director of Marketing.
  • Rack cards designed & printed by the Production Designer.
  • Posters & directional signs displayed in the Museum during SASS.
  • Feature articles Native Youth Magazine.
  • Feature articles in Artifacts and Earthsong.
  • Consult with the Design and Chief Preparation staff to photograph show and art selected for new Note Cards.
  • Maintain inventory and organization of display fixtures (panels and showcases), stationery supplies, and miscellaneous supplies (scissors, etc.).  Panels, cases, and two tubs of supplies are in storage pod at this time (summer 2016) due to construction. Remainder of supplies are in the Guild Room cabinets.
  • Order the ribbons awarded to the winners in advance. The artist and the buyer each receive a ribbon. There are 13 categories in Division I (grades 7-9) and Division II (grades 10-12). The ribbons needed are:  2 BOS Purple Rosettes, 2 Andy Eisenberg Special Award Gold Rosettes, 4 Best of Division Turquoise Rosettes, 52 First Place Blue Ribbons,104 Second Place Red Ribbons, 104 Third Place White Ribbons,156 Honorable Mention Green Ribbons, 18 Judge’s Choice Teal Rosettes, 4 Chair’s Choice Red Rosettes.
  • Send mailing to Museum membership working with Marissa Groom in Production Design inviting members to Opening Night SASS.  Rack Card Invitation.
  • Send donation request to defray costs of show to membership and announce at Guild Meeting.
  • Consult with Treasurer and one volunteer who will plan and organize handling of monies during show and sale.
  • Consult with Events manager staff Gabriella and Brandon to order required tables, linens, chairs, fixtures (panels and cases) and have delivered to Monte Vista for all phases of the show.
  • Manage all phases of show.
  • Pack and return all unsold art:
    • Packaging that art arrives in is saved for return of unsold items.
    • An envelope containing a list of their sold items, a Certificate of Participation, and any ribbons awarded is enclosed in the package.
    • Local teachers are encouraged to pick up their students’ unsold art.
    • Teachers sending in art are asked to include postage or FedEx or UPS account numbers to pay for return.

Time Line


  • Reserve Monte Vista Room for SASS and Steele Foyer for Student Reception and post dates on the Museum’s yearly calendar.
  • Work with Coordinator on proposed budget.


  • Update SASS website. Send changes to Guild Technology Committee.
  • Coordinate with Museum Production Designer to develop announcement (rack card) which will be mailed to school mailing list with dates for Receiving, etc. (600).


  • Submit the first article (Save the Date) for the September issue of Artifacts.
  • Update mailing list.
  • Email letter to returning committee members re first meeting in fall and SASS dates.


  • Submit article about volunteer possibilities for all phases of SASS for the October issue of Artifacts.
  • Prepare a flyer for SASS to be included in IF&M Artist Packets and deliver to Artist Chair for Fair (600).


  • Notify committee members and organize refreshments and decorations for the October Guild Meeting or month assigned by Hospitality Committee.
  • Work with Coordinator to have volunteer sign up sheets at Guild Meetings.
  • Submit an article for the November issue of Artifacts.


  • Check in with the Judging Chair regarding judge recruitment.
  • Check in with Judging Day Luncheon Chair on how arrangements are proceeding, (Lunch is free for Judges only, all other volunteers pay $10.) Generally 50-60 attend.
  • Begin calling volunteers from last year.


  • Order ribbons from Amazing Awards. (All contact info in Note Book)
  • Call for volunteers still needed in February Artifacts.


  • Work with Production Manager, Marissa Groom to make sure card to invite members to show will be out to members in a TIMELY MANNER prior to the SASS.
  • Fill in Volunteers where needed.
  • Planning meeting with key volunteers regarding SASS (all phases).
  • Artifacts show reminder.


  • SASS.


  • Obtain reports from all chairs to include information necessary in SASS Final Report due in May to Coordinator.
  • Store supplies.
  • Send thank you notes to Chairs.


The Heard Museum Guild Board encourages innovation and process improvement, but new initiatives and/or different approaches, activities, or actions must be discussed with the assigned Coordinator and/or Guild Executive Committee and, if necessary, approved by the Guild Board and/or Museum.


rev 8/2016