Special Recognition for Continuation of Existing Project

2006    Isabelle Taylor –   Treasurer

2007    Joan Lloyd  –  Student Art and Indian Market
Deb Monroe  –  Student Art and Indian Market
Rod & Winona Passmore  – Assistant Treasurers
Carey DePietro – Membership

2008   Joann Griesser   –  Basket Celebration
Phyllis Langston    – Shop Service
Lea Seago –  Book Sale and Treasure Market
Vern Urich  – Heard West Guild Development
Phyllis Noone  – Indian Fair & Market

2009    Dixie Melby  – Long term service, Guild History
Vivian Price  – Long term service
Rod Passmore  – Fair logistics

2010     Isabelle Taylor  – Hospitality, Student Art, Notecards
Sue Pappas  – Stepping in with Website
Richard Borgmann
David Newark
Doug Sheeran
Cathy & Hank Short  –   Trimming museum grounds
Bill Benz   –  Stepping in as General Food Chair, Fair

2011     Rusty Hale   –  Facilitation of Las Guias classes
Marge Setzer  – Historian notebooks

Len Boeder  – Indian Fair & Market Permit
Lea Seago  –  Extensive Service to the Guild
Phyllis Noone  –  Extensive Service to the Guild

2014 Richard Borgmann Technology
Pat Kilburn Notecards
Joel Muzzy Fair Staging
Linda Muzzy Extensive Service to the Guild


Diane Leonte                Guild Website Development/Communications


Mary Bonsall                    Treasurer

David Newark –  Heard Museum technology leadership and Indian Fair and Market leadership roles
Joel Muzzy – Heard Museum Indian Fair and Market numerous leadership roles