Rules and Policies

  • All entrants must be American Indian students in grades 7–12 who can show proof of Tribal enrollment or Certificate of Indian Blood (CIB) by enclosing a copy of either one with their application. Tribe must be listed on applications, not “community.”
  • Students in grades 7–9, Division 1, may enter one (1) piece of art each, and students in grades 10-12, Division 2,  may enter two (2) pieces each.
  • Each entry must be the signed and dated original work of one artist and created within the last twelve (12) months.
  • Two-dimensional works must be matted, mounted, or stretched.
  • Charcoal, chalk, and pastels must have a fixative applied.
  • Work cannot be framed, laminated, or covered with glass.
  • All entries must be for sale for the duration of the show.
  • $15 is the minimum beginning price for artwork. Click on the Pricing Artwork page.
  • The Heard Museum and Guild have the right to photograph the artists and their work during the Student Art Show and Sale, and these images may be used in promotional material prepared by and for the Museum and the Guild.
  • Each entry is eligible to be selected by the Heard Museum Guild’s Note Card Committee for reproduction on American Indian Student Art Note Cards. The artists whose artwork is selected will receive $100 and 4 packets of Note Cards with the image of their artwork. The Note Cards are sold to raise money for the Intern Scholarship Fund, and Grants for art supplies to the show participants’ teachers.
  • Unsold artwork must be picked up . Click on the Unsold Artwork page for exact times or to make special pickup arrangements.
  • Checks will be sent in April. Each eligible student will receive a single check. The amount will include any cash awards and 80% of the sale price of any items sold.
  • Checks to students not cashed within one year from the date of issue will be cancelled. The funds will remain in the Student Art Account to help defer costs of the show. Excess funds will be donated to Grants for art supplies for teachers and our Intern Scholarship program.
  • If a student wishes to donate their proceeds directly to Student Art, they may sign the Permission to donate slip and return it with the application and art.



The Heard Museum reserves the right to:

1.  Reject any entry not considered show quality.

2.  Reject any piece that is priced to discourage potential sale.

3.  Reject any entry not considered original work.

4.  Reject any entry with content considered by the Guild to be unsuitable for viewing by a young audience.

5.  Photograph all entries for possible promotional, publicity, or record purposes. All photos become the property of the Heard Museum Guild.

 The Heard Museum and the Heard Museum Guild are not responsible for loss or damage of entries during processing, exhibition, packing, or transit to and from the Show.

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