Noticias November 2013

To Guides from the Education Department November 2013

Heard Museum Guide Schedule:

From Lynn’s Desk…….

Stephen Fried (Appetite For America) let me know that Channel 8 will be showing a documentary called “The Harvey Girls: Opportunity Bound” that features his book at the following times:
11/18: 9 P.M.
11/19: 4 A.M. (in case you have insomnia) 11/21: 11 P.M.
11/23: 6 P.M,




From Jaclyn’s Desk…….
I would like to first send my thanks to Richard Borgman for creating the continuing education online form. As you know this form will help track continuing education requirements. You will notice the ability of the form to take notes regarding to the program. Please consider suggesting if you think the person is one who we should consider having at the museum in the future or anything unique about the presenter/topic. I look forward to seeing your suggestions.

I also want to note a newly released resource compiled by Arizona State University
The State of the Indian Country Arizona Vol. 1 is a great tool to help with new socio-economic issues facing American Indians in our community. Please take some time to read the report, I think you will find it very helpful. Here link to the reports main page should the above link not connect immediately.

Lastly, today we had a very informative presentation by John Smith and Richard Gomez about emergency procedures at the Ed Council meeting. As a result please take a look at the attached documents which will help familiarize you with the emergency exits within each gallery. I will be setting up a time with Security’s help to present again to those who missed today’s presentation, likely in January. You may also want to watch this video which John shared in the session today about an active shooter scenario. The film was produced by FEMA and has some helpful points for any situation in public. Should you have questions for John you can reach him
Active Shooter Training Video:
Generally, please take time at the start of next month to take part in two great lectures occurring here at the museum in correlation with Cuentos Populares. Please tell your friends about both these events as they promise to bring a very unique perspective to the conversation of Latino art.
December 3, 2013 – Steele 12pm
Listen as Raul Colon discusses his work as a painter, the relationship of being an illustrator/artist today.
Supported by the Arizona Humanities Council

December 10, 2013 – Monte Vista 12pm
Join us and welcome Amy Cordova as she shares her experiences of being an artist, educator and illustrator. She will talk about the role of telling stories in her work and what inspires her. Supported by the Arizona Humanities

*I want to bring back something Gina would do to address some pieces of misinformation and to clarify what happens on the museum floor.

Please note when talking about the Hopi bride and wedding, to carefully state a Hopi couple today often chooses to marry in both a civil court and through a traditional wedding. This is usually due to the long duration of preparation associated with the traditional Hopi wedding. It is important to understand this is not done as a “trial” of the marriage.

There have been some rumblings the Bering Strait theory has been alluded to in the galleries. It is IMPORTANT to understand this theory is one which we don’t discuss as we are dedicated to sharing the perspective of American Indians. This means where appropriate, we talk about the origin stories from different communities. While I understand this “theory” is one adopted and understood by scientists, I as a modern Navajo woman believe my people came – emerged from the earth. Those are the stories I STILL teach my cousins and niece. Each community has their own history which explains their existence and here at the Heard we hold up those perspectives/stories as truth. It is the experience of the communities we educate our visitors about so please understand other scientific-anthropological perspectives are not our primary focus here at the Heard Museum.

As always, please come to me with any questions or issues and I am happy to help.

Ahe’hee – Jaclyn
From Evie’s Desk……..
We continue to appreciate your good work in finding substitutes before the week a sub is needed. We know emergencies come up, but, for scheduling, the earlier the
better. Thanks to all. – Evie
From Shaliyah’s Desk……..
Hello Everyone!

As our peak season intensifies I’d like to thank you all for your hard work and shout out a few reminders. As an extension to the “On the floor manner” you may have noticed there is an am and pm O’keeffe gallery talk each day (except Sunday). When conducting a gallery talk in O’Keeffe please remember to cover both levels of the exhibition. If you have mobility
issues please notify me so we can work to make your touring duties more comfortable. I have heard a few suggestions to mix up gallery talks more and will add to my notes to do so especially in regards to the 3:30 pm gallery talk.

* Lead Guides
I’ve had a few people asking me what a “lead guide” does. When assigned to a private tour we have what is called a lead guide that reaches out to the customer to confirm the tour; answer
questions and checks to see if the group is interested in any one particular topic. If you are the
only one assigned to the tour please realize that you alone are the lead guide. If there is more than one guide assigned to the tour I will notify you via email who you are and on the printed schedule will see a hand written in asterick next to your name.
Good ol’ Schedule
I’d like to take this time to also thank everyone for their patience with the schedule each
week. We are currently in a state of transition in regards to how the schedule will be generated as I no longer work with the old schedule producing application. Hand writing and typing out a
schedule allows for error (time error, occasional misspelled name, odd format, etc. etc. etc.) I
am happy to announce that I will start to receive training on how to use our
new operating system starting tomorrow and the training will be every week for about a month
or so. So I’d like to thank everyone again in advance for their patience in that regard.
School Tour Training
On November 7th we had our first school tour training seminar for this year. It was a great success and we all came away with lot of information and in fact I received a lot of input that I will use! I learn a lot from you all! One piece of advice was about school tours and touch-its. I think that this is a great idea and will start to place baskets with touch-its in them in the Guild Room for you to use. If you have your own items you bring on tours that is just fine however for those who don’t we now have one for you. I’ll have this in the Guild Room by the end of the month. If you are interested in another school tour training please let me know. If the demand is there I will consider doing that again in January.

Please keep tours to 45 minutes. Gallery Talks, 20 minutes.
Please remember to check the galleries and replenish activities if necessary. Please rove in galleries and engage with public.
Please obtain subs in timely manner, not one week before.
Please arrive at the info desk 15 minutes before your tour starts, not 3, 2, or 1 minute before 😉
Holidays are around the corner – GET YOUR SUBS NOW!
Round of Applause…..

Shelley Mowry on the Guild Northern Pueblos Trip!
Marty Marshall – “We had nothing but rave reviews about the tour that your volunteer gave the Rotary Institute group on Saturday September, 28. I know that feedback is not necessary for you all to feel like you’ve done a good job, but our feedback is meant to tell you that you did a GREAT JOB!! Thank you! Reports of your very special museum are now going by word of mouth to California, Washington and Hawaii” Good Job Martie!!! 😉

Happy Touring!

Exhibit Schedule
Home: Native People in the Southwest – long term We Are! Arizona’s First People – long term
Every Picture Tells a Story- long term
Remembering Our Boarding School Days – long term Around the World – long-term
“Elegance from Earth: Hopi Pottery Families” – through June 2013 “Retha Walden Gambaro: Attitudes of Prayer” – through December 31
“Georgia O’Keeffe in New Mexico: Architechture, Katsinam, and the Land – through March 3, 2014
“Chocolate, Chili, and Cochineal: Changing Taste Around the World” – through November 30, 2014
” Cuentos Populares: Art by Latino Artists” – through January 5, 2014
Heard North at the Summit
“Choices and Change: American Indian Artists in the Southwest” – long term
The Heard Museum, 2301 North Central Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona 85004