Noticias March 2014


To Guides from the Education Department

March 2014

Heard Museum Guide Schedule:

From Jaclyn’s Desk…….

Yá’at’eeh Las Guias,

I hope this finds you doing well and have fully recuperated from the Fair. I have several updates for you:

I would like to clarify the definition of Continuing Education. As stated previously, Continuing Ed consists of the three-credit hours or three individual educational events that all Las Guias members are required to attend for the purpose of enhancing your role and continuing your training as docents during a single touring year. These requirements are separate from attending exhibit walk-throughs and the Education Exchange. These events can be on the Heard Museum’s grounds, in other areas of the Valley or outside of Arizona. What is key in determining Continuing Ed is the event’s ability to strengthen your work as a docent on the museum floor and your interactions with museum visitors. Topics specific to American Indian cultures and arts and history of the greater Southwest are all appropriate topics. Additionally, there are many events that qualify as Continuing Ed; however, at this point the emphasis is on three separate occurrences. This is essential as I see tremendous value in gathering information from a wide range of perspectives. Field trips, demonstrations, studio arts classes in a medium relevant to an exhibit and film screenings are all examples of types of experiences that may qualify. In many cases Guild meeting speakers fit these requirements. Please note, unlike previous years, you do need to record and submit your Continuing Ed involvement via the online form available on the Las Guias website. As you complete your requirements please feel free to share information about any exceptional speakers, presenters or artists you meet. I am always happy to answer questions and hear your suggestions regarding Continuing Ed.

On a recent trip to Albuquerque, I found an excellent animated film about the Pueblo Revolt. The short-film can be watched online. I am including it here as well as sharing a link to a blog article about the project.  I think this an excellent example of using contemporary media and vernacular to share stories and perspectives important to Native communities.

I hope you all have made time to enjoy the new mural painted by Thomas “Breeze” Marcus during the Indian Fair & Market, “The Power of Mother Earth.” I have a document which share the meaning of the piece as well as a document which explains the terms “street art”, “mural art” and “graffiti”. Note: the image depicted is from the proposed image of the mural not the actual piece. The mural will need to be folded into sculpture tours. Couple of talking points about the mural:

o       The mural will be up for at least three years

o       Explain the connection to the Heard and to Phoenix as being within the traditional lands of the O’odham peoples.

Also, I hope to have time before the end of April to have the artist come in and give an orientation of the piece. At the least, I can share about the mural. Stay tuned for a date.

Finally, I would like to remind all of the importance of showing up for the entire time you are scheduled for a tour. It is part of your touring duties to be here not solely for your tours but for the entire time you are scheduled.

I hope each of you enjoy our transition into spring in the desert. It is a lovely time of year.




From Betty Murphy’s Desk………

Billie Jane Baguley Library and Archives Collection Spotlight for March 2014

Here is a sampling of four selections from the library collection that relate to current happenings at the Heard – the Mata Ortiz Pottery Show and Sale, the Anne Hillerman book-signing, the Edgar Heap of Birds lecture and the Katsina Doll Marketplace. All four books are currently on display in the public reading area of the library. Please feel free to visit the library to view these or any other items of interest in the library and archives collections. For additional collection information, click the Search Catalog button located on the library page of the Heard Museum website. In addition, click here to view a digital image and all the details of a poster promoting an appearance by Edgar Heap of Birds in 1987 courtesy of the Poster and Graphics Collection in the Digital Library.


The magnetism of Mata Ortiz : places, people, & pottery : including the Mexican Revolution in the region

Bridgemon, Ronald R.

Tucson, Ariz. : R & S Enterprises, c2010

Heard call number NK4032.M38 M25 2010


Tony Hillerman’s landscape : on the road with an American legend

Hillerman, Ann ; photos by Don Strel

New York, NY : Harper Collins, c2009

Heard call number PS3558.I4 Z68 2009


American visions = Visiones de las Américas : artistic and cultural identity in the Western Hemisphere

Tomassi, Noreen, editor ; translations by Miriam González Acosta

New York, N.Y. : ACA Books in association with Arts International : Allworth Press, 1994.

Heard call number N6501 .A43 1994


Kachinas : A Hopi artist’s documentary

Wright, Barton ; original paintings by Cliff Bahnimptewa

Flagstaff, Ariz. : Northland Pub., with the Heard Museum, Phoenix, 1990, c1973

Heard call number OVW:E99.H7 W73 1990


L:\Projects\Collection spotlights\2014-03 Library collection spotlights.doc


From Diane’s Desk:

It’s an exciting time of the year as we prepare to end one touring year and plan for next year, so there is much to report on this month.

Las Guias Survey
This is quick reminder that if you have not already done so, please take a couple of minutes to fill out the Las Guias survey. To date we have heard from 40 Las Guias members, and the replies have been thoughtful and thorough. In order to better plan for the future we would benefit from hearing from all of you which would then be more representative of the entire Las Guias membership.  I want to extend my thanks to those of you who have replied, and I want all of you to know your feedback and suggestions will be taken into account by the committee that has been formed to evaluate the Las Guias Program, along with Jaclyn.

Here’s the link to the Las Guias Survey:


“Greet the Grads”

I have received terrific feedback from class members and Las Guias members expressing their enthusiasm for this gathering.  I expect we will have a good sized crowd and lots of opportunities to mingle and get to know one another.

At this time I am looking for your RSVP so I can make plans to provide adequate refreshments. (If any one would like to offer to bring refreshments, I would like to hear from you).

Our hostess will be Marilyn Brooks.

Here’s Details……



 Friday, April 11th
10:00– 11:30am

Village of Camelback Mountain

4446 E. Camelback Road #101

RSVP: to let me know if you are planning to attend.

New Guild Website

We are getting a new Guild website this Spring!! It seemed like the perfect time to develop a new guild website to coincide with the publishing of the New Heard Museum website.

I was pleased to be asked by Richard Borgmann to design & develop the Guild website and have doubly enjoyed working closely with Richard and David Newark to bring the website to fruition.  The new website will serve the purpose of marketing the Guild to the public and providing our Guild members with easy access to information.

The new website is scheduled to be introduced at the April Guild meeting…if all goes as planned. 🙂

Our new website is designed to “show off” the Guild and all that the volunteers do, who we are, and what fun it is to be a member. Part of telling our volunteer story is to let members write about:

  • Why they joined the Guild
  • What they do for the Guild
  • Why they like supporting the Heard Museum.

These stories will come from our volunteers, in their own words and will be published on the website…with or without signatures (your preference).

I would like to highlight Las Guias stories on the website, and therefore I am asking you all to please take some time to put together a couple of paragraphs and tell your story:

  • Why you joined the Guild?
  • Why you enjoy guiding?
  • What you love about the Heard Museum?
  • Why you continue to learn more about the American Indian’s art, culture and history?

I would especially like to have some anecdotal stories about your experience with student tours.  I know we have all have a wonderful story about guiding the students, their remarks, their questions, and their playfulness.

Having personal stories on the website will make it that much friendlier to website visitors and members.

Thanks so much for taking the time to take the survey and writing your “Las Guias” volunteer story.

Please send your stories to me:



Clearing up the Confusion

 I have received several requests lately to record continuing education hours for Las Guias members.  In addition, recently Lucille had discovered while tallying up service hours for upcoming service awards that several Las Guias from the last two years have not entered the service hours for the time they toured at the museum.  This is cause for concern and leads me to believe that some of us may not be aware of how the hours & tours shifts are recorded and therefore may not be getting credit for their volunteer hours and Las Guias service.

Although I am more than happy to help show anyone how to record their hours and tour shifts here’s a review of how to get it done on your own:

1. Record Your Tours.  After your tour shift record your tours on the Guild computer.  To my knowledge we are all doing this at this time.  However keep in mind when you record your tours that you are not recording your service hours. The computer on which we sign out after our tour shift keeps track of tours for the Heard Museum Education Department.  The Guild Room computer does not connect to the Guild Service Hours records.   In order to remain on the tour schedule guides must complete 30 tours per touring year which begins on April 1 and ends on March 31 the following year.


2. Record Your Service Hours.  To get credit for your touring hours as Guild service hours, you need to go to the Heard Guild web site ( ), sign in to the member page and go to My Records.  There you can record your guiding hours, your continuing education hours, your attendance at Guild meetings, and your volunteer service in other areas such as Fair, Shop, Library, Information Desk, special events, etc. You should also include your travel time to and from the Museum.  You may also include time you spend at home on the phone, doing computer work for the Guild, preparing for Speakers Bureau.  You can also go back and post hours from previous years that you missed.

For example, on March 6, I toured in the afternoon.  The tour shift is 3 hours and 45 min. (12:15-4:00 pm). It takes me 45 minutes (1:30 total) each way to travel to the Museum and home again.  Therefore, I had 5:15 hours of volunteer time on March 6.

Today, March 15, I have spent 4 hours working on my computer writing an article for Noticias and working on Guild website changes .  Since there’s no travel time, I will record 4 hours of service time.

Some people enter their time on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.  Some people do it twice a year and some post their time all in March.    What is important is that you post your hours.  The current service year began on April 1, 2013 and ends on March 31, 2014.

Each time the Museum applies for a Grant, and every time they ask for corporate money, one of the questions they are asked is “What is your volunteer support?”  Being able to show that about 450 Guild members donate on average 55,000 hours each year goes a long way to proving that volunteer support.

3. Record Your Continuing Education Credits.

A requirement of remaining on the tour schedule for Las Guias is to earn 3 continuing education credits per touring year, which begins on June 1st and ends on May 31st the following year.

Continuing education credits are earned while attending a lecture, trip, course of study, or museum that furthers your knowledge of the American Indian’s art, culture or history.

Each event counts as one credit. Therefore if you attended a lecture, that is one credit.  If you attend a Short Course that is three sessions, that course counts as one credit.  If you take a Guild trip that lasts for a week, that counts as one credit.  To record your continuing education credit, simple log in to the Las Guias website  and click on the link “Submit Continuing Education Credit” which is below the sign in box.  You only need to enter your name, the date of the event and a description of the event.  If the event spans a couple of different dates, just enter one date and you will get a continuing education credit.

If you have questions about any of the above I would be more than happy to help you out and show you how it’s done.  If more training is needed please let me know.

The majority of Las Guias have not yet submitted their continuing education credits and will have until the end of May to do so.  We have really simplified the process  (see above) and if you give it a try I know you will agree that it is simple.  If you need help, let me know.

Mark Your Calendar

 April 28: Ledger Art & Houser Sculpture Walk-Thru at 9:30am & 1:30pm

April 3,10,17:  Navajo Short Course. There is still time to sign up. Contact Elinor Rothberg:

See You at the Heard,



From Shaliyah’s Desk……..

Hello Everyone!

Partial de-install of Elegance from Earth to start March 26th 

The de-installation of Elegance from Earth in the Lovena Ohl Gallery is to take place on April 6th, 2014. Stage one of the process will start on March 26th. The two cases in the alcove and the free-standing cases in the center of Lovena Ohl will be taken out. Please be aware of this if you are assigned to a Highlights tour or are assigned to a gallery talk in this gallery.

Touring Duty

Jaclyn mentioned the importance of showing up for the entire time of your tour and shift. I’d like to take this time to reiterate the importance in taking that seriously and also sticking to the schedule as it is assigned. If you have major reservations about tour assignments due to health issues; I am happy to talk to you about that via email or phone.


*Please keep tours to 45 minutes.  Gallery Talks, 20 minutes.

*Please remember to check the galleries and replenish activities if necessary.

*Please rove in galleries and engage with public, please avoid standing around the info desk.

*Please obtain subs in a timely manner, not one week before.


*Please arrive at the info desk 15 minutes before your tour starts, not 3, 2, or 1 minute before 😉

Round of Applause…..

03/13/14 – When asked what was the best part of your visit: “Good Tours”

03/20/14 – “Jenny (Bartlett) was so excellent (she) made the tour so valuable”

03/13/14 – “Breadth of material on display, docent knowledge and their respect for Native Americans”

03/15/14 – “The tour was great, I learned so much even as a Native American”

03/15/14 – “I took two tours, very informative and educational, excellent!”  (looks like we had rock stars this past Saturday!)

03/08/14 – “All exhibits were wonderful, 2 pm guide was fantastic! (former middle school teacher) – Jackie Kemmer

01/24/14 – This was an old survey that I didn’t see until recently but it was great! What was the best part of your visit? “my back to back tours (10 am and 11 am) with Sarah Santana!”

I also received a handwritten letter from a school thanking Juan Ozuna for a fabulous school tour he gave two Saturdays ago to a kids group!  They LOVED him! If you don’t know Juan you can say hello to him in the Coffee Cantina where he also works!

Good job everyone!

Happy Touring!


Exhibit Schedule

Home: Native People in the Southwest – long term

We Are! Arizona’s First People – long term

Every Picture Tells a Story– long term

Remembering Our Boarding School Days – long term

Around the World – long-term

 “Elegance from Earth: Hopi Pottery Families” – through April 6, 2014

“Chocolate, Chili, and Cochineal: Changing Taste Around the World – through November 30, 2014

Heard North at the Summit

“Choices and Change: American Indian Artists in the Southwest” – through March 31, 2014



The Heard Museum, 2301 North Central Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona 85004                                                                               

Shaliyah Ben

Educational Programs and Outreach Coordinator

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