Las Guias Class Training Facilitator Committee

The Las Guias Class Training Facilitator Committee recruits new guides and assists the class instructor with the training course.  The Lead Training Facilitator and two/three additional Facilitators are appointed by the Guild Education Coordinator for a two-year term which may be extended by the Education Coordinator.

Duties of Lead Facilitator:  The Lead Facilitator

  • is a voting member of the Education Council, attends all Education Council meetings and reports on Las Guias Class progress.
  • reports progress and problems to the Education Coordinator.
  • invites the Education Coordinator to all committee meetings.
  • reviews the content of the Guild website to determine the accuracy of the information pertaining to the work of the committee. Any necessary changes are sent to the Education Coordinator.
  • at the end of the year, reviews the committee job description on the website and makes any necessary changes. Send any changes to the Education Coordinator.
  • in April/May prepares an Annual Committee Report using the Sample Committee Report as a guide. This report is sent to the Education Coordinator, the Guild President and the Guild Secretary.
  • prepares a class budget for the following year and submits it to the Education Coordinator.

Tasks of the Lead Facilitator:  The Lead Facilitator

  • assists the Las Guias Class Instructor to plan the curriculum and prepares a list of required tour observations, mentored hours, suggested reading and graduation tours.
  • trains new Training Facilitators.
  • confirm class meeting room and make all arrangements necessary with the Museum Events Coordinator.
  • arranges for Las Guias Informational Meetings in the spring and summer for recruiting prospective class members for the following year.
  • update, print and distribute flier and Las Guias Class Application for Informational Meetings.
  • conducts the Informational Meetings.
  • registers class participants, collects fees and verifies all are Guild and Museum members.
  • contacts the Guild Membership Committee Chair to verify all new class members have a Guild nametag.
  • invites the Education Coordinator and the Guild President to speak to the class about the Guild.
  • works with the Education Coordinator to select and invite guides to mentor the students.
  • develops a plan for mentors to help measure the success of class members, and trains mentors in working with students.
  • informs students about how to arrange for mentored tours and coordinates this with the Museum Tour Schedule.
  • if requested, will assist the instructor when a student is not performing at an acceptable level, to develop a corrective action plan which informs the student of the corrective actions which must be made to graduate.
  • models portions of tours for adults, children’s tours and highlights tours. Works in cooperation with all facilitators to accomplish this task.
  • requests students provide a brief biographical sketch for the Spring Guild Appreciation Dinner.
  • assists the instructor in determining the class members who have successfully completed the course of study.
  • order Las Guias nametags from the Guild Membership Committee Chair for presentation at the Spring Guild Appreciation Dinner.
  • arranges for class members to provide refreshments at the annual Fall Tune Up.
  • conducts final graduation tours and certifies the new Las Guias class.

Tasks of all Facilitators:  All Las Guias Class Facilitators shall

  • prepare education materials, including notebooks, schedules, etc and distribute the class list and other handouts to the students throughout the course.
  • attend all scheduled class meetings, keep attendance, assist the instructor and class members as needed.
  • present information about the Guild and Guild events throughout the course.
  • review the website and inform student of guiding procedures as they appear on the website.
  • prepare coffee and beverages for each class session and organize a schedule for class members to donate refreshments for their class.
  • assist in planning field trips.
  • assist in modeling portions of tours for students for adult, children’s and highlights tours.
  • assist in conducting final graduation tours of the Home Exhibit.
  • assist in other areas as deemed necessary by the Lead Facilitator or Class Instructor.


First Day of Class:

  • escort class members to Security to fill in forms for background checks.
  • prepare and distribute handouts for student binders.


  • order Las Guias nametags for each graduating student.


  • arrange date and room for Information Meetings for prospective students and arrange for this information to be placed on the website by contacting the Guild Secretary.
  • obtain a short biographical paragraph from each graduating student for the Spring Guild Appreciation Dinner.
  • conduct Informational Meetings for prospective students.
  • review the website for committee work and send changes to the Education Coordinator.
  • submit copies of the Annual Committee Report to the Education Coordinator, the Guild President and the Guild Secretary.


  • Attend the Spring Guild Appreciation Dinner and participate as needed in the graduation of the Las Guias class.
  • the Lead Facilitator shall meet with the incoming Lead Facilitator and provide a copy of the Annual Committee Report and other pertinent documentation.


The Heard Museum Guild Board encourages innovation and process improvement, but new initiatives and/or different approaches, activities, or actions must be discussed with the Guild Education Coordinator and/or the Guild Executive Committee and, if necessary, approved by the Guild Board and/or Museum.


Rev. July 2018/Fast