The Secretary is elected by the general membership and takes office in May.  The position is for a two-year term.  The Secretary keeps minutes of all Guild meetings and is responsible for the permanent records and official correspondence of the Guild.  The Secretary is a member of the Executive and Finance Committees.


  • In addition to those duties set forth above, the Secretary accepts and carries out such duties as may be assigned by the President of the Board.
  • Attends all meetings of the Board, the Guild, the Executive Committee, the Finance Committee and other such meetings as required by the President.
  • Reviews the content of the Guild website to determine the accuracy and currency of the information pertaining to the work of the office of secretary. Sends necessary changes to:
  • At the end of the Guild year, collects and transfers Guild materials prepared during the year to the Library & Archives. The materials are more fully described below.  This does not include materials related to the Indian Fair & Market which are collected by the Chair of the Fair.


  • Record the minutes of the Board and Guild meetings. Provide a copy of the Board minutes to each member of the Board for review, the board will vote on approval of the minutes at the next Board meeting.  Once the Board minutes are approved the Secretary contacts a designated member of the Guild Technology Committee for posting the approved minutes online.
  • The minutes of general Guild meetings are also posted online and are posted in the Guild Room. The membership will vote on approval of the minutes at the next general meeting.
  • At the conclusion of the Guild year, the Secretary collects Year End Reports from each of the Committee Coordinators, from the Board President, President-elect and past-President and a Financial Year End Report is collected from the Treasurer. Any published Guild materials such as brochures for trips, or information are also collected; a Guild membership list or spreadsheet and any photographs of Guild members or Guild events are also collected.  Together, these items are transferred to the Library & Archives as one package.  The items may be in paper or digital format.  There is not a specified date by which the items shall be transferred; however, there is a presumption they will be filed on or before the end of the Guild year which ends in September.  The Secretary does not collect any documents or materials related to the Indian Fair & Market.
  • Maintain the records and minutes in up to date, complete and good order for transfer to the Library & Archives with the other materials set forth above at the end of the Guild year.
  • Initiate and respond to any general correspondence including cards and notes of thanks, condolences, get well or congratulations on behalf of the Board. Write or answer letters as directed by the President.
  • Receive and review telephone calls which come to the Guild office and forward to the appropriate person.
  • Acknowledge all donations to the Guild which are made to honor or commemorate a person.


  • May-September: Collect the Year End Reports, Guild published materials, membership list and photos as required for transmittal to the Library & Archives.  Transmit to the Library & Archives as one package.
  • September-April: Carry out the duties as set forth in this description.
  • April: Review the website description of the office of Secretary and send changes to  Also send changes to the President.

The Heard Museum Guild Board encourages innovation and process improvement, but new initiatives and/or different approaches, activities or actions must be discussed with the assigned Coordinator or Guild Executive Committee and if necessary, approved by the Executive Committee and/or the Museum.

Rev. 8/2017, Maryann Fast