Happening Now

April 26, 2021

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President’s Message

Dear Guild Members,

Thank You

I want to acknowledge the members of this year’s Guild Board.  We have a number of members moving on and I recognize them for the time and energy they have put into their responsibilities.  You have been of great assistance to me and to the Museum.

Thank you…

  • Maryann Fast-President-Elect
  • Anna Flynn-Indian Fair & Market Director-At-Large
  • Jan Christensen-Student Art Coordinator
  • Dianne Koble-Museum Programs
  • Lynn Endorf-Technology Director-At-Large
  • John Miller-Nominating Committee Chair

And for those Board members continuing in their roles, I look forward to another year of progress in making the Guild as relevant as ever.  Thank you for all your work this year.

Thank you also goes to Diane Leonte, who has published Happening Now over the past year.  We could not have done it without her.  Diane has agreed to publish issues of HN over the summer months.  Think of these issues as special editions with breaking news.  We will resume our bi-weekly publications in August.

Indian Fair & Market

For many years, the Guild has been evaluating the Indian Fair & Market (IFM) with a focus on maintaining its sustainability for the future.  I have always felt that this work should be shared with the many constituents of IFM.  I am pleased to announce the establishment of the Fair Task Force (FTF), which includes as its members, Fair artists, Fair Guild leaders, Trustees of the Museum Board, Guild leaders, and senior management of the Museum.  The FTF will meet later this week and continue its work through the summer months. One given is that the IFM will be held in 2022.  How that Fair will look will be the focus of the FTF.  I will keep you posted on our progress.

Guild Involvement

We will be continuing to work on filling the numerous vacancies we have on the Board.  If you are interested in taking on a leadership role, notify me at president@heardguild.org.

Happy summer to you, whether near or far.  See you soon.

My best,
Jane Przeslica

Museum Appreciation of Guild Members

Service Award Acknowledgements for 2020/21

Congratulations to all volunteers who have been recognized for their service to the Guild over the past year.  Under difficult conditions, you stepped up and contributed to the Museum in a meaningful way.  Thank you all.

Museum Appreciation of Guild Volunteers

We would like to thank the Museum for acknowledging the Guild during Volunteer Appreciation Week.  The Appreciation Gathering on Monday was splendid and if you did not have a chance to see the Museum Facebook posts this week, they are copied here.  We look forward to our partnership with Museum for years to come.

Elected Board Officers for 2021/22 Guild Year        

President – Jane Przeslica
President-Elect – Vacant
Secretary – Dee Dowers
Treasurer – Richard Borgmann
Nominating Committee Chair – Anita Hicks

Vote for the Heard Museum

USA Today’s 2021-10 Best Readers’ Choice for Best Museum

USA Today has selected the Heard Museum as a contender for Best Art Museum! Please show your support and cast your vote for the Heard Museum once per day, per device! You will not be asked for your personal information or email.

Voting ends Monday, April 26th and the winners will be announced on 10Best on Friday, May 7th at 12:00pm EDT. You can read the official rules here.

Vote – Heard Museum – Best Art Museum Nominee: 2021 10Best Readers’ Choice Travel Awards

Volunteer for Leadership Position in Guild

Would you like to be considered for a leadership position with the Heard Guild?  If so, we would like to hear from you! We have open positions available in Student Art, Fair Chair and Guild Programs.

If you are interested in the job descriptions for the above positions, go to heardguild.org and select the tab “Committees” at the top of the homepage.

Contact Guild President, Jane Przeslica, via email president@heardguild.org to inquire.  Thank you!

Exhibit Update…

George Catlin on Indigenous Land
Opens May 7 in the Berlin Mezzanine

Like many Western artists who followed him, George Catlin (1796-1872) traveled the West to make a record of the region’s Indigenous peoples. His goal was to preserve for future generations a pictorial history of Indigenous cultures, which he accomplished by painting portraits of peoples from nearly 40 tribes. The exhibition George Catlin on Indigenous Land features selections from an original 1844 portfolio of 25 hand-colored lithographic plates. This recent donation from Laura and Arch Brown consists of the third print-run edition of Catlin’s lithographs, which marked the first time he used a new printer in London. More than 150 years old, the lithographs are in perfect condition.

Through the Lens of Barry Goldwater currently on display in the Berlin Mezzanine closes May 2.