Guild Board Meeting, January 2015

January 14, 2015

APPROVED February 11, 2015

President Susan Kolman called the meeting to order at 9:30AM on January 14, 2015

Susan Kolman,Mary Endorf, Rod Passmore, Mary Bonsall, Claire Warshaw, De Bachmann, Linda Hefter, Pat Kilburn, Carol Gunn, Sue Snyder, Shelley Mowry, Reta Severtson, Diane Leonte and Dave Newark.
Absent: Richard Borgman
Also present for presentations: Deb Krol and Mark Scarp

Sue Snyder made a motion to approve the minutes as amended from the December 10, 2014 Board Meeting. It was seconded by Reta Severtson and approved by all.

Mary Bonsall reported that the bank accounts total $329,765.12 and that $61,967.62 is tagged as restricted for Student Art, Special Events, Scholarships/Grants, and the new ATADA Scholarship Fund. She passed out two forms that she is requesting be used when submitting funds that have been collected at events.

Deb Krol and Mark Scarp provided copies of the new Museum brochure that has been prepared since the closing of Heard Museum North.

They then gave a brief overview of the marketing process as well as the challenges specific to the Heard Museum and the audience niche. The Board members were reminded that Diane Leonte is the liaison to the Marketing Department and she should be contacted to set up meetings with Deb and Mark.

Susan reported the following pertaining to the Museum:

  • James Pepper Henry’s last official day is February 27. The Museum Board of Trustees has formed a search committee and Susan Kolman is on the committee.
  • Overall admissions are up and membership is up. Sales in the Shop and Cafe are slow.
  • The panel discussion with Sandra Day O’Connor is sold out and the panel discussion on sports mascots scheduled for January 30 is expected to sell out.
  • The attendance for the First Friday event in January was about 500.
  • The new Museum phone system is in place and has many capabilities. Dave Newark is reviewing the instructions to see how the Guild can benefit from the new phone system.
  • The performance circle has been resurfaced with sand from Chase Field.
  • The search is underway for a new Executive Administrative Assistant.
  • A New Member reception is scheduled in conjunction with the Isleta exhibit.

Susan also reported the following pertaining to the Guild:

  • Susan and Mary Endorf will be meeting with each coordinator regarding their staying on the board for the next term.

Shelley Mowry reported that the Book Sale grossed about $38,000 with $28,000 of the proceeds from the sale of art, jewelry and treasures and $10,000 from the sale of books. Another meeting of the steering committee is scheduled for next week. The final report from the chairs has not been completed.

Susan explained that the policy for the handling of in-kind donations is being reviewed and that donors will acknowledge that they are aware of the value of their donations.


AWARDS: Rod Passmore distributed reports regarding Guild awards and badges. He reviewed the committee’s findings and requested that board members review the reports and be prepared to discuss at another meeting. Susan requested that Rod include in his review of awards how to handle special awards for non Guild members. The silver and gold bears are no longer available. The committee recommends that should be only one color name badge. Alternative designs were submitted.

FAIR: Pat Kilburn detailed the many contributions Robert Doyle of Canyon Records has made to the Fair in monetary contributions and sound, lighting and stage equipment as well as posters and other advertising for several years. She requested that he be recognized at the Spring Luncheon. There was discussion about this kind of recognition as it had never been done before and could set a precedent and there is nothing in the Award Policy for this. In the past only Guild Members have been recognized with awards at the Spring Luncheon.

Mary Endorf made a motion that Robert Doyle of Canyon Records be honored at the Spring Luncheon in 2015 for his outstanding service to the Heard Guild. Shelley Mowry seconded the motion. The motion passed.

Susan requested that Rod Passmore have the awards committee evaluate and make a recommendation re special recognition for non Guild members.

YEAR END REPORT ARCHIVING: Claire asked for clarification about the handling of committee notebooks and Guild meeting minutes at year end. Sue Snyder reported that minutes and committee year end reports are sent to the Library digitally and in hard copy. Hard copies of committee notebooks are presented to the incoming committee chair. The length of time for retention of hard copies in the Library may be revisited at another meeting.

Mark reported on Museum programs.

  • The annual Guild Appreciation Dinner will be on April 23.
  • The Sandra Day O’Connor panel will be presented on C-Span.
  • A piece about the Beautiful Games exhibit appeared on NBC football.

Meeting adjourned at 12:15PM

Respectfully submitted,
Claire Warshaw,