Cash Collection Procedures

This procedure applies to everyone who collects money (cash or checks) on behalf of the Guild for submission to the Guild Treasurer. For example: donations for Student Art Fair, Indian Market ribbon donations, field trips, membership dues, Exhibitor booth & late fees, short course tuition, Spring Lunch, etc.

This procedure does NOT apply to those who use the cash box and fill out the Cash Tally Sheet (for example, T-shirts, Note Cards, etc.) or who collect cash at the Guild Fair or the Student Art Fair. For the Cash Tally Sheet, click here.

Collect the cash and checks and complete the Guild Activity Deposit Form. Click here for the Guild Activity Deposit Form. Either hold the checks/cash and deposit sheet and give them to the Treasurer all at once or after collecting a substantial number of checks/cash. Please include the following information:

  • List the names and amounts
  • List the check number or indicate cash
  • Place the checks in the order of the list
  • Total the money column by category or categories if there is more than one category (for example: booth fees and late fees for Exhibitors; dues and tags for Membership)
  • Write the purpose (for example:  Hopi trip) and the Committee (Las Guias Class)

Mail the completed form and checks to the Guild Treasurer or leave it in the Treasurer’s mailbox or file folder in the Guild Room or the Treasurer’s mailbox upstairs. If it is a high dollar amount of checks/cash, ask someone in Museum Accounting to place it in the vault. The vault applies mostly to Fair committees such as Exhibitors and Pre-Sale. Then write an email or leave a note in one of the above pick-up places letting the Treasurer know to ask in Accounting for the monies.

NOTE: DO NOT leave envelopes on the tables at Guild meetings or on the tables in the Guild Room.


Donations to the Guild—both in-kind and cash–should be acknowledged by the appropriate Guild Board Chair or Coordinator on Guild stationery. If the donation is not for a specific Guild Committee, the Secretary will write the donation letter on behalf of the Guild. The Guild Treasurer records all donations and forwards them to the Museum. In turn the Museum sends the donor a thank you letter as well as providing the necessary tax information required by the IRS.


Revised November 2015