2014 Board Meeting OCT


October 8, 2014

Approved November 5, 2014


President Susan Kolman called the meeting to order at 9:30 am on October 8, 2014.



Susan Kolman, Mary Endorf, Rod Passmore, Mary Bonsall, Claire Warshaw, De Bachmann, Linda Hefter, Diane Leonte, Pat Kilburn, Richard Borgmann, Carol Gunn, Sue Snyder, Shelley, Mowry, and Dave Newark by phone. Absent: Reta Severtson

Also present for presentations: Mark Scarp and Cathy Short



Sue Snyder made a motion to approve the minutes from the September 10, 2014 Board Meeting. It was seconded by Richard Borgmann and approved by all.



Mary Bonsall reviewed the September balance sheet and September revenue and expenses.



Susan Kolman updated board members:

  • The BUILD exhibit exceeded attendance and new membership goals. With a goal of 8000, actual attendance was 13,500. And with a goal of 400 new memberships, actual new memberships was 611.
  • First Friday had 331 attendees with a goal of 250.
  • Moon Dance is sold out.
  • Handed out numbered museum guest passes for board members to give to people who seem interested in the Heard and might join after a visit.
  • At the senior staff meeting it was announced that the Heard will participate in the Fiesta Bowl Parade with 20 walkers and a balloon shaped like a cradle board. Possibly two guild members may be selected to walk in the parade.
  • Museum Circles members have been invited to join Guild Members at “Meet and Greets” with speakers to encourage more interaction and to learn more about who and what Guild members are. Circles is planning a trip to Arkansas to see Crystal Bridges.
  • Council Appraisal Day will be held at Stagewood in Scottsdale this year.
  • The Cafe has introduced its new Fall menu.
  • A new phone system is being instituted that will have advantages for calls being forwarded to email and cell phones.
  • Guest Services and the Information Desk have been given a list of coordinator and committee chairs and alias emails.
  • Volunteers are being sought for the golf tournament.
  • The terms of six Museum Board members are ending. Invitations have been extended to three people.
  • The damage to the mural due to the storm is being repaired.
  • Remember to use the EVENT REQUEST FORM to reserve a room and send request to Gabriel Rosales
  • To reserve the Guild meeting room, use the calendar on the bulletin board.
  • Diana Pardue in conjunction with Antique Traders and Dealers Association has acquired funding for a $1000-three year scholarship. It has been proposed that this be used for a junior artist at Best of Show next year. This would not be for a junior artist to submit a school project, but rather one working with a relative to carry on the family tradition.
  • Board members were encouraged to help Lucille by writing Thank-you notes for the Staff Appreciation Luncheon.
  • The Guild Board is responsible for food at the November general meeting.




An open discussion ensued concerning the filling of the Guild leadership positions that will become open next year. The positions include technology, note cards, and membership. Suggestions included:

  • Look at the bio’s that are printed in the Spring Luncheon Program of the new Las Guias


  • Setting up co-chair positions so two people can share the job and divide the duties and


  • Focus on a person’s skill base rather than ruling out someone doing the job because they are                 away for a few months over the summer.


Another discussion focused on Guild member recruitment. Individuals described experiences with other organizations that require new members to fill out an application and participate in an interview before joining. Some organizations give orientations that may last a few hours or all day.







Carol Gunn reported that she and Mary Endorf will be having a “Meet and Greet” session with newer members at the October general meeting. She will be notifying people who have joined since May about this. She will also consider doing this in the evening or on a weekend for new members who are still working.



Claire Warshaw reported that the committee is recommending that board members wear ribbon tags identifying their board position at general meetings. She will distribute the tags at the meetings.



Rod Passmore reported that there has been a significant donation of fine art but donations for jewelry are lacking. Approximately 350 boxes of books have been sorted and stored. Arrangement are being made to have a storage pod on site. Steele Auditorium has been made available for set up starting at noon on December 2. Neither of co-chairs for this year will continue next year.



Shelley Mowry reported that the December Santa Fe Trip has been cancelled as several participants have cancelled. Under evaluation is the amount of the fee that is donated to the Guild and whether non Guild members should pay a higher fee. she also announced that participants will be asked to anonymously indicate how much they spent on Indian items. This information can be used in grant requests to demonstrate how the Heard helps the artists.



Mark Scarp, Heard Museum Liaison, reported that the First Friday event was successful and they are reviewing the surveys that were collected.



Cathy Short reported on the recommendations made by the Scholarship Committee. The report is attached to these minutes. This will be an internship scholarship. After questions and discussion Mary Endorf made a motion to accept the Scholarship Committee recommendations. Shelly Mowry seconded the motion which then passed unanimously. Cathy will present the recommendations at the October general meeting.



Meeting adjourned at 11:40AM


Respectfully submitted,



Claire Warshaw, Secretary