Service Hours Awards

Awards are given each year for the number of service hours recorded:

  • 300 hours/year:  One-time discount in the Museum Gift Shop.
  • 500 lifetime hours:  Silver Ketoh or Bolo. These awards are underwritten by the Board of Trustees.
  • 1,500 lifetime hours: Silver Bear, which is to be attached to the top left corner of the Guild badge as you look at the badge.
  • 2,500 lifetime hours:  Gold Bear, which is to be attached to the top right corner of the Guild badge, and inscription of the volunteer’s name on the Service Awards Plaque in the Guild Room.
  • 5,000 lifetime hours:  The Guild member is given Honorary Membership to the Guild for life, and a special award (Katsina doll) shall be presented to the honored volunteer at the Annual Award Luncheon. The member’s name shall be added to the Service Awards Plaque in the Guild Room.
  • 7,500 lifetime hours: a Silver Feather, which is to be attached to the bottom left corner of the Guild badge. This award is underwritten by the Museum.
  • 10,000 lifetime hours:  Recognition with his or her name on a commemorative panel in the Museum courtyard.
  • Each year the Museum will honor the person with the highest number of cumulative hours by placing his or her name with other Museum donors. No person will receive the award more than one time.


10,000 HOURS

 Joel Muzzy

Gloria Murison


7,500 HOURS

Marilyn Brooks

Fran Dickman

Sidney Wilson

5,000 HOURS

Martha Cozzi

Jackie Kemmer


Diane Leonte

Phyllis Manning

Judy Wallace

1,500 HOURS

Robby Buchanan

Lynn Endorf


Maryann Fast

Don Montrey

Stu Passon


John Askitopoulos

Ann Bunjer

Sandra Collier

Denis Duran

Howard Gangl

Zora McClendon

Margaret Muller

Margie Parrish

Lucie Paynick

Susan Plaza-Zabel

Jane Przeslica

Kathie Serrapede

Lillian Vancel




1500 HOURS

Robby Buchanan                       Maryann Fast

Lynn Endorf                              Don Montrey

Stu Passon


2500 Hours

Neil Berman                              Dee Dowers

Mary Bonsall                             Dee Fuerst

Reta Severtson


5000 HOURS

Martha Cozzi                      Diane Leonte

Jackie Kemmer                   Phyllis Manning

Judy Wallace

7500 HOURS

Marilyn Brooks                   Fran Dickman              Sidney Wilson


10,000 HOURS

Joel Muzzy                           Gloria Murison