Website Technical Specialist (Webmaster)

Reports directly to and is a member of the Technology Management Committee and works closely with the Design and Marketing Departments of the Heard Museum.


Develops and maintains the content of the website of the Heard Museum Guild.

The purpose of this World Wide Web content is threefold:

  • Communication to the public about the Guild, its activities, and its relationship with the Heard Museum for education in and appreciation of American Indian culture and art
  • Communication among Guild members regarding the Guild’s major events, it’s extensive committee activities, and it’s opportunities for volunteering and fellowship
  • Communication within the Las Guias (guides) community regarding Las Guias activities.

Time Requirement: 2 to 3 hours per week; extensive when a re-write is planned

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Meets regularly with the Technology Management Committee
  • Works with the web hosting agency and software venders to design the look and feel of the Website.
  • Coordinates with the Museum Graphic Design Department to insure compatibility with the Heard Museum website.
  • Coordinates links that exist between the Heard Museum website and the Guild website to reduce duplication of material and provide efficiency of navigation through and between the sites.
  • Acts as liaison with the Museum Website team on behalf of the Guild in matters of maintenance and compliance with accepted standards and styles of the websites.
  • Establishes a system of communication with the Guild Board, Coordinators and Chairs to maintain accurate and timely content of the Guild Website pages.
  • Is the conduit for all updates and changes to the content of the Guild Website. The Webmaster may delegate some of this responsibility to others as deemed appropriate.
  • Reviews and maintains all contracts and agreements relating to website services.
  • Uses the procedures for maintaining the website found in the Heard Museum Guild Website Operations Handbook.
  • Reviews and periodically updates the above Handbook and maintains a current copy on one of the servers.
  • Maintains the sign-in and password records on a frequent basis to provide security for membership information.
  • Provides periodic reports to the Chair of the Technology Management Committee regarding website activity for inclusion in committee reports.


  • Training program with Guild Technology trainers and/or
  • The Heard Museum Guild Website Operations Handbook
  • Microsoft Access, a relational database software program
  • WordPress, an open source website and blog authoring program
  • Adobe Dreamweaver, a website authoring software program
  • Adobe Contribute, a website content management software program
  • Smart FTP, a website file management program
  • Sentry, an internet application which password-protects certain website pages


Position Qualifications

  • Basic knowledge and familiarity with WordPress, Dreamweaver, Contribute, Smart FTP, and Sentry applications
  • Working knowledge of MS Word, MS Excel

Special Considerations

  • Must have access to PC computer or laptop, Internet access and email
  • Must possess great patience

Time Line


  • Provides budget information to the Chair of the Technology Management Committee

September – April

  • Meets with committees as appropriate
  • Carries out assigned tasks


  • Review and update this Position Description
  • Submit recommended changes to the Technology Management Committee

Rev. 8/17/2013