Volunteer Opportunities

Heard Museum Guild Committee Opportunities

The Heard Museum Guild has 45 active committees working to support the mission of the Heard Museum. New members are welcome and encouraged to join committees of interest. Below is a brief summary of some of the active committees always in need of additional help. Please feel free to contact committee chairs directly for more information. Committee needs are also published monthly in our newsletter, Artifacts.

Indian Fair and Market         Chair: Pat Kilburn, fairchair@heardguild.org

The Heard Museum Guild Indian Fair and Market is the biggest event in the Guild year and is held the first weekend of March each year. It is also the largest fundraiser, and it’s a lot of fun. We need people in a variety of jobs: to sell admission and raffle tickets, provide information and hospitality, assist the artists, and perform many other tasks. Volunteers plan, organize, and produce the entire event so all talents are needed.

American Indian Student Art Show and Sale     Chair: Reta Severtson, studart@heardguild.org

The Show features more than 600 entries from American Indian students. Paintings, sculpture, jewelry, beadwork, pottery, and baskets arrive from Indian communities all over the country. We judge, display, and sell the work of these young artists. Most of the proceeds from the sale are returned to the students. We also offer students an opportunity to attend a weekend workshop at the Heard Museum that emphasizes marketing their art. Your help is needed to receive, hang, and sell these treasures from young artists.

Note Card Committee           Chairs: Pat Kilburn, notecards@heardguild.org

The artwork for the note cards is chosen from the entries received at the American Indian Student Art Show and Sale. The sale of these cards is the main funding source for scholarships awarded to American Indian students and grants provided to their schools. Volunteers are always needed to package and sell the cards at Museum events and Guild meetings.

Information Desk       Chair: Joan Jasso, infodesk@heardguild.org

This committee staffs the Museum Information Desk and provides information about the Museum to our visitors as they enter the main galleries. Working on this committee affords an excellent opportunity to share your enthusiasm for the Museum with visitors and to enhance the visitor experience. You may work as often as you wish – from once a week to once a month or as a substitute.

Education – Las Guias                       Chair: Sue Snyder, edcoordinator@heardguild.org

Las Guias is the Heard Museum’s docent program. The role of Las Guias (Spanish for guides) is to welcome visitors to the Heard Museum and introduce them to the Museum’s exhibits by leading in-depth tours and interpreting displays within the exhibits. Las Guias must complete a comprehensive training class, which meets for one-half day a week from October through April. After graduating, active Las Guias also participate in ongoing education programs and workshops to build their knowledge of current exhibits, art forms, and Native American culture and practices.

In addition to giving guided tours twice a month, some Las Guias members choose to participate in a Speaker’s Bureau which brings a little piece of the Heard experience to those who cannot or have not visited the Museum.

Heard Museum Shop                        Chair: Alexis Hill, shop@heardguild.org

Volunteering in the Heard Shop is for you, if you are interested in working in an elegant setting surrounded by outstanding American Indian creations. Volunteers staff the main Shop and the bookstore every day. Individual training and workshops are provided so that you will become familiar with procedures, merchandise, and the talents of our represented artists.

Hospitality Committees        Chair:Reta Severtson, hospitality@heardguild.org

The Guild Hospitality committees support and organize several Guild and Museum events throughout the year.  Volunteers are often needed to help make coffee, arrange decorations, and provide food or snacks.  In addition to the monthly Guild meetings, we host a staff appreciation lunch, the holiday gathering, and the spring lunch. We also provide refreshments to the artists at the Spanish Market and the Katsina Market. The Heard Guild is known for its hospitality and the committees are a wonderful way to meet other volunteers and interact with artists.

Library and Archives            Chair: Donita Beckham, library@heardguild.org

The Museum has an outstanding collection of American Indian publications, journals, and photographic and documentary collections, including the largest repository in the world of biographical information on American Indian artists. Volunteers in the Library research and maintain databases; assist with research requests; file books, CDs, and periodicals; and process donations and other materials.

Library Book Sale      Chair: Louise Wakem and Donita Beckham, booksale@heardguild.org

Volunteers are needed to sort and price books in preparation for the annual Book Sale, which will be held on December 5-7, 2014. Additionally, many volunteers will be needed during the set-up, sale days, and breakdown of the sale.

Technology Management Committee        Chair: Dan Dolan, techchair@heardguild.org

This committee develops and maintains the Guild member website (www.heardguild.org) and other database needs for Guild programs. Members of this committee have varying levels of skill with computer programs, hardware, and web technology. Time commitments are project based and vary in length and on-going needs. This committee has a strong history of innovation and welcomes new members who share an understanding of technology solutions and attention to detail.