We are using our new website as a marketing tool to help us grow the Guild membership….and we need your help.

Nothing sells an organization more robustly then hearing testimonials from the members themselves in their own words.

Please take a couple of minutes to write a couple of paragraphs about why you love being a member of the Heard Guild. Some of the following topics may pertain to your experience of the Guild.

  • Why I joined the Guild.
  • Why I love volunteering in the Shop, Library, Info Desk or as Las Guias.
  • What a great time I had on a Guild trip.
  • How much I enjoy being part of the Fair & Indian Market.
  • How I love meeting and working together with like-minded people.
  • I love the Heard and want to be a part of keeping it a robust museum in our community.
  • I enjoy the book club, lectures, and day trips.
  • My experience as a student in Las Guias Training.
  • I love supporting the Native American students who participate in the Student Art Show.
  • My time as a volunteer for the Library Book & Treasure Sale was rewarding.
  • Guiding our young students through the museum can be a delightful and uplifting experience.
  • I am passionate about …….. The Heard.

Get the idea?

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