Student Art Coordinator

The Student Art Coordinator (SAC) is appointed by the President to serve as a liaison between the Guild Board and the committees under his/her jurisdiction.

The SAC oversees the programs involved with the Heard Museum Guild American Indian Youth Art Show & Sale, Student Art Notecards, and the Student Art Internship program.

The following Mission Statement guides Student Art activities:

Heard Museum Guild Student Art programs engage the community and constituents through education, outreach, and fundraising activities that support emerging artists and college students of American Indian descent.


  • Creates the Strategic Plan/Action Plan, with input from committee chairs.
  • Submits Strategic Plan/Action Plan to Guild Board and provides the Guild Board with monthly progress reports.
  • Establishes and manages the budget for Student Art, with input from committee chairs.
  • Acts as the single point of contact with SA committees and Heard Museum staff,
  • Marketing of SA programs
  • Works with Student Art sponsored interns to assign projects outlined by SAC and SA committees
  • Evaluates current SA programs and provides information and recommendations to major stakeholders, e.g. committee chairs, schools, teachers, students, Guild, and Guild Board.
  • Meets regularly with SA committee chairs
  • Represents SA at Guild meetings
  • Maintains the content of the SA portion of the Heard Guild website (Webmaster)
  • Consults with SA Notecard chairs regarding student notecard image selection

The SAC oversees the following Student Art committees and programs:

Time Line


  • Complete state-of-the-committees report and submits to Heard Guild Board
  • Attend Heard Guild Board meetings
  • Promote Student Art programs at Guild meetings
  • Follow with Heard Staff regarding Marketing initiatives


  • Meet with committee chairs


  • Youth Art Show & Sale (YASS)


  • Gain feedback on YASS by creating and administering a survey (using Survey Monkey) to all schools invited to Student Art Show. Tabulate results and share with committees.


  • Finalize end-of-year report and submit to committees and Heard Guild Board.


  • Maintain email list of teachers and schools invited toYASS.
  • Submit production request for YASS announcement postcards and email.


  • Create budget and submit to Heard Guild President and Treasurer


  • Develop Student Art Strategic Plan/Action Plan
  • Seek feedback from committee chairs regarding Student Art Strategic Plan/Action Plan


  • Submit and present Student Art Strategic Plan/Action Plan to Heard Guild Board

The Heard Museum Guild Board encourages innovation and process improvement however, new initiatives and/or different approaches, activities, or actions must be discussed with the assigned Coordinator and/or Guild Executive Committee and, if necessary, approved by the Guild Board and/or Museum.


August 2022 Snyder/Madsen