Private Tour Protocol

Protocol for the Day of the Tour

  1. No guides need to reach out to the group organizer, museum staff will be the one to touch base with them.
  2. If there is more than one guide, please decide among you how to split the group and where each of you will begin the tour so as not to run into another guide.
  3. Guides will Meet the Tour Group in the Pritzlaff area before entering the museum. Because the Admission lobby is a small area, and we need to keep that area open for daily guests to check in.
  4. Please check with someone in Admissions to check to determine if  the tour group has paid or not. The museum staff will try to make sure that all groups are pre-paid before their scheduled visit.
  5. Please notify Diane Leonte at if you have any questions or if your plans change and you cannot do the tour you signed up for.

Protocol for Arranging a Personal Private Tour

  1. Have the Group leader (or yourself) notify the Museum at:
  2. Museum Visitor’s Services will contact Las Guias’ Private Tour Liaison with all the particulars needed to reach out to Las Guias for Guide(s). Even if you are giving the tour, your Tour needs to be placed on the schedule to ensure there are no conflicts with previously scheduled public or private tours .
  3. You will receive confirmation from Las Guias’ Private Tour Liaison once the tour guides have been found.