Princess Tsianina Red Feather

Princess_Red_featherRed Feather was born Florence Tsianina Evans on December 13,1882 in Eufallia (Oklahoma Territory) to Creek and Cherokee parents. All her 9 siblings were musical, but she was the one who stood out.

At age 14, she went to Denver to be trained to sing, partially sponsored by her teacher, AliceRobertson. There, she met the composer Charles Wakefield Cadman and began touring with him at 16. She became a mezzo soprano virtuoso. While touring the United States, Canada, Paris and London, she wore native dress, braided her hair and wore a headband she beaded herself.

In 1918, she and Cadman debuted Shanewis at the Metropolitan Opera; the cast received 22 curtain calls. Cadman based the opera on Native American stories told by Redfeather. Although this opera had many firsts, it became the first contemporary opera to be performed for a 2nd season at the Met. Red Feather received a commendation for her efforts while entertaining troops at the front during World War I. Red Feather was well known for singing “Land of SkyBlue Water” and “Indian Love Call”.

This extraordinary lady retired in 1935 and passed away in January, 1982 at 102 years of age.