Pottery Demonstrators

Many of the Fair’s pottery artists have agreed to locate their booths together in front of Steele Auditorium to sell and to demonstrate their art.  Most are educators as well as artists. Take advantage of this rare opportunity to see so many pottery makers in one place helping us Celebrate the Art of Pottery.


Jacob Butler, Sr. (Salt River Pima Maricopa)—Booth DEMO-06

Paddle and anvil technique


Butler 2


Ron Carlos (Salt River Pima Maricopa)—Booth DEMO-07

Wood paddle and stone anvil


Carlos 3


Linda Fragua (Jemez)—Booth DEMO-08

Fragua uses local clays and colors, concentrates mostly on figures and storytellers




Elizabeth Manygoats (Navajo)—Booth DEMO-10

Navajo folk art potter




Shelden Nunez-Velarde (Jicarilla Apache)—Booth DEMO-23

Micaceous clay pottery. Can cook in these pots.




Franklin Peters (Acoma)—Booth DEMO-09

2011 Native Artist Fellowship at School of Advanced Research, Santa Fe




Martha Romero (Nambe)—Booth DEMO-11

Romero is one of the last remaining artists making traditional pots in Nambe Pueblo.




Gwen Setalla (Hopi)—Booth DEMO-17

Setalla is always reminded of what her parents taught her as a child: “when creating a pot, you bring it to life and you breathe life into it, always treat it with the greatest respect.”



Judy Tafoya (Santa Clara)—Booth DEMO-05

Tafoya gathers all of her materials from the Santa Clara Pueblo and fires all of her pottery outdoors.