Noticias, September 2015

To Guides from the Education Department

Heard Museum Guide Schedule:

From Betty Murphy’s Desk………

Billie Jane Baguley Library and Archives Collection Spotlight for September 2015

Pope Francis will visit the United States for the first time this September. One of the significant events of his visit will be the canonization ceremony for Father Junípero Serra, a Spanish missionary to California in the late 1700s.  This ceremony by a popular Pope will be the first to take place in the United States. Yet bestowing sainthood on the man who established missions along the California coast and greatly altered the lives of California Indians is highly controversial.  While Father Serra has staunch supporters as well as determined detractors, there is no denying the impact of the mission system on the peoples and the landscape of California.  Currently on display in the public reading area of the library, these four selections present a diversity of viewpoints on this complicated chapter in California history.  Please feel free to visit the library to review these or any other items of interest in the library and archives collections.  For more details or additional collection information, click on the Search Catalog link located in the pull-down menu of the library tab on the Heard website.

The Missions of California : a legacy of genocide
Costo, Rupert and Jeannette Henry Costo, editors
[San Francisco] : Published by The Indian Historian Press for the American Indian Historical Society, [1987]
Heard call number E78.C15 M57 1987

Indigenous symbols and practices in the Catholic Church : visual culture, missionization, and appropriation
Martin, Kathleen J., editor
Farnham, Surrey, England ; Burlington, VT : Ashgate Pub. Ltd., 2010
Heard call number E98.M6 I53 2010

Converting California : Indians and Franciscans in the missions
Sandos, James A.
New Haven : Yale University Press, c2004
Heard call number E78.C15 S26 2004

Digger : the tragic fate of the California Indians from the missions to the gold rush
Stanley, Jerry
New York : Crown Publishers, 1997
Heard call number E78.C15 S78 1997

A Special Note from the desk of the Director of the Billie Jane Bagley Library and Archives, Mario Nick Klimiades…….

For the canonization controversy from the point of view of an indigenous group, I recommend the following website/link of the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band:

From Lynn Bullock’s Desk……


We have “Frida Kahlo: Her Photos”, which is the catalog for our October exhibit. This should be helpful with guiding if not just an amazing read! We all know this is going to be an exciting and fun exhibit! Be sure to stop in and see the new merchandise! The holidays are just around the corner!

Always impressive we now have in stock the 2016 Heard Wall Calendar – Special thanks go to Diana Pardue and Marissa Groom for helping me put it together.

Thanks to all of you for your continued support throughout the year!

From Sue Snyder’s Desk….

Hello Las Guias

The shiny red “ASK ME” buttons are now available at the Information Desk in a basket behind the plastic rack that holds the Directory booklets.  These are intended to call extra attention to guides who are roving and as  a help to visitors who may have questions but are not sure who to ask.  It is up to you if you want to wear these buttons while performing your roving duties or not.  Please return them to the basket before you leave.  Magnets are attached to the back for your convenience.  Thanks for helping with this idea.

Rusty Hale, Evening Tour Director, is always looking for help with the evening tours.  The use of our beautiful facilities brings extra revenue and attention to the Heard Museum and it is an interesting way to interact with a variety of visitors.  We also have a younger audience attending the First Friday events.  Each month features a different theme and brings large crowds of new people many of whom have never been to the Heard.  Let Rusty know if you would like to help out.  It is really fun!

Last but not least, Tune Up/ formerly the Education Exchange, promises to be very interesting and worthwhile with speakers (Steven Yazzie), breakouts and news of the coming year’s exhibits and plans.  Sheila Mehlem and Joan Jasso have a great day planned on Monday, October 12 th.  We plan to start right at 9:00 so we can be finished by 2:45.  Lunch is $10 and you can pay ahead of time to save time.  This is a mandatory event for Las Guias.  Let me know if you will not be there.

Thanks for all your hard work representing the Heard.

Sue Snyder

From Shaliyah’s Desk….

Hello Las Guias!

I’d like to forward on some information from Caesar Chavez in our Design Department in regards to the Helen Hardin etchings! They will be a lovely addition to the museum floor! (my additions are italicized)

 Per Caesar –

Dear Museum Staff and Guild Members (and Las Guias),

As mentioned, here are the dates I have so far regarding the “Library” hallway transformation. This transformation is to make the hallway a presentable venue for the Helen Hardin etchings. Please refer to my e-mail from August 31 that I’ve pasted below for your convenience. (email mentions “The etchings are part of the Pablita Velarde Museum of Indian Women in the Arts research collection”)

Wednesday, Sept 23 & Sept 25 or 28: 

Carpet install by outside contractor starting as early as 7:30 AM. This could go into Sept 24. They will start in the hallway and will also re-carpet both Small and Large Conference rooms. The Small Conference room work will not begin until Friday, Sept 25.

The carpet will be glued carpet tiles that are using a “pressure release” adhesive so it can be replaced when stained or damaged. It will take time to lay down the glue then apply the carpet squares. The contractor is aware that the elevator is needed for access and will plan to let staff use it on an as-needed basis. (I will definitely be needing it!) They ask they be given some warning before staff uses this hallway. I will help coordinate this with security. Unless you have mobility issues, please use the 1st floor bathrooms during Wednesday Sept 23.

The adhesive, or mastic, is water based and should not  contain VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) but if you are sensitive to certain chemical odors, please plan accordingly.

Saturday, Sept 26–Sunday Sept 27:

Baseboard installation, hallway first then conference rooms


Creative Confidence | ASU Magazine | Steven Yazzie

Jane Przeslica provided a really great read about Steven Yazzie that is attached to this Month’s Noticias, it was in the ASU Alumni Magazine! Go Devils! Here is the link if the attachment fails:  Thank you Jane!


Weekly Tour Schedule Make Over

The tour schedule that we all work off of will receive a long overdue makeover the touring week of October 4, 2015. The layout will be quite different however I’ve made it my mission to configure this schedule to provide the exact information that the old schedule did. There will be some differences in appearance and before the actual launch of the schedule I will send out a detailed mockup of a week so you are all aware of how things will run.

Also it is at this time that I please remind you to remain ever vigilant at obtaining subs in a timely manner, not over booking subs, being respectful of your fellow guides, doing your assigned tours and not passing them off to other guides. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. I appreciate you all!

Happy touring.




*Please keep tours to 45 minutes.  Gallery Talks, 20 minutes.

*Please remember to check the galleries and replenish activities if necessary.

*Please rove in galleries and engage with public, please avoid standing around the info desk.

*Please obtain subs in a timely manner, not one week before.


*Please arrive at the info desk 15 minutes before your tour starts, not 3, 2, or 1 minute before 😉


Exhibit Schedule

Home: Native People in the Southwest – long term

We Are! Arizona’s First People – long term

Every Picture Tells a Story– long term

Remembering Our Boarding School Days – long term

Around the World – long-term

“The Houser/Haozous Family: Celebrating a Century”  – through April 2015

“Time Exposures: Exploring a history of Isleta Pueblo in the 19th Century” – through September 27th, 2015

“Beautiful Games: American Indian Sport and Art” – through November 2015

“Houser/Haozous Family: Celebrating a Century” – through April 3, 2015

“Loloma: Expressions in Metal, Ink, and Clay”through October 4, 2015