Noticias April 2014


To Guides from the Education Department

April 2014

Heard Museum Guide Schedule:

From Jaclyn’s Desk……

Ya’at’eeh Las Guias!

I first want to thank all of you for your response to the survey which was sent out last month. We will be sharing the results soon but I look forward to incorporating your advice into next year’s Las Guias class and beyond.

The recruitment of Las Guias is off to a great start. We are holding our first information session on Wednesday, April 23, 2014 at 1:30pm in the Dorrance Conference Room. Please share the details with interested parties.

I want to extend a note of gratitude to Barbara Johnson as she is winding down teaching the Las Guias course. As April comes to a close the docents are graduating and preparing for their final class sessions. It has been a pleasure to sit in on Barbara’s classes these past two years in preparation for my teaching the course next year. With two solid and stellar groups of docents, Barbara has done a great job in incorporating many new techniques and aspects to the class which have made the class richer and exciting for those involved. Ahe’hee Barbara. For the newly graduated Las Guias members – welcome and I look forward to your involvement this summer and beyond. See you all at the Spring Luncheon.

I want to share a gentle (but firm) reminder to please be courteous to the Info Desk volunteers. It is important to respect their volunteer role by remaining clear of the desk while they are greeting visitors. It also means when there is an Info Desk volunteer on-duty, they have priority of the chair. Your help in working with your fellow volunteers is greatly appreciated.

We want you to know as you continue to find resources you think would be helpful to other Las Guias members you can share those materials with Shaliyah and myself so we can insert them into Noticias. Noticias is the best way to ensure all docents see material and receive information to help with your role. Additionally, by using this format, you help us to keep down the number of emails which everyone receives.

I want to share a note of thanks to Diane Leonte for her service to Las Guias in her role as the Guild Education Coordinator. It has been a pleasure to work with you Diane, best wishes in your new role in the Guild. Ahe’hee! Stepping into the position is Sue Synder who I am delighted to work with in this role and as a facilitator of the Las Guias course too.

In close, thank you all for a wonderful year. This summer will be unlike others as we open “BUILD! Toy Brick Art at the Heard” on May 24, 2014. Stay tuned for more information on volunteer roles we have available. For those of your with younger kids who need something to do this summer please share the attached flyer for the workshops we will be holding. Your help in getting the word out to family members and friends is greatly appreciated.

All the best, ahe’hee!

Jaclyn Roessel

From Betty Murphy’s Desk………

Billie Jane Baguley Library and Archives Collection Spotlight for April 2014

Here is a sampling of four selections from the library collection in honor of April as National Poetry Month. All four books are currently on display in the public reading area of the library. Please feel free to visit the library to view these or any other items of interest in the library and archives collections. For additional collection information, click the Search Catalog button located on the library page of the Heard Museum website.

 From totems to hip-hop : a multicultural anthology of poetry across the Americas, 1900-2012

Reed, Ishmael, ed.

Cambridge, MA : Da Capo Press, c2003

Heard call number PS613.F76 2003b


Native American poetry

Poetry East; no. 32, Fall 1991

Jones, Richard, ed. and Gary Smith, co-ed.

Chicago, IL : DePaul University, 1991

Heard call number PS591.I55 N28 1991


Native poetry in Canada : a contemporary anthology

Armstrong, Jeannette C., ed.

Peterborough, Ont. ; Orchard Park, NY : Broadview Press, c2001

Heard call number PR9195.35.I53 N37 2001


This art: poems about poetry

Wiegers, Michael, ed.

Port Townsend, Wash. : Copper Canyon Press , c2003

Heard call number PS595.P63 T47 2003



From Diane’s Desk……..

Hi all,

I have a couple of reminders for you before many of you head off for cooler climes this summer.

Continuing Education credits are required to be recorded by May 31st.  Many of you may have already earned your credits and not have recorded them as of yet.

Here’s how to earn credits:

Attend a Guild Meeting Lecture
Attend a HGE day trip, lecture, workshop
Attend a Short Course (1 credit per course)
Book Club Discussions
Heard Travel Trips (1 credit per trip)
Attend Heard Museum presentation
A visit to any venue outside the Heard that features a learning experience in Native American Art, Culture or History

Click here to Record Continuing Education Credits

It’s as easy as that!

New Exhibit Walk Through (Gallery Talk) for That’s The Way We Like It will be on April 25th 1:30pm.

Short Courses

I wanted to extend a huge thank you to Linda Hefter and Jackie Kemmer for their hard work on planning and preparing for the O’odham and Navajo Short Courses. I also want to thank Phyllis Manning and Elinor Rothberg for their excellent facilitation of the courses. Both courses were a great success and we doubled the number of attendees that we average at the traditional Short Courses.   Next year Linda will be instructing a Short Course on the Pai Indians and Jackie will be instructing a Short Course on the Pueblo Tribes.  Jaclyn will instruct the Overview of “Home” short course, or maybe there will be a Short Course on Basketry to compliment next years Fair & Market theme.

“Greet the Grads”

I want to once again thank Marilyn Brooks for hosting the “Greet the Grads” celebration.  The success of this event will ensure it will become an annual event.

The Education Exchange will be held on Monday October 20th this year. The date has been moved to accommodate those Las Guias who are returning to the valley for the touring season.  This is a mandatory requirement for Las Guias, and I know you will want to be there this year. Sheila Mehlem and Mary Lee Madison will be working hard this summer to plan the agenda and round up speakers.  They have some fun events planned as well.

It has been my pleasure to represent all of you as Guild Education Coordinator these past 2 years and I thank you all for your support.

Have a wonderful summer, and stay well.

See you at the Heard, Diane Leonte
Heard Guild Education Coordinator

From Lynn Bullock’s Desk……….


First off, Emily, Lance and I would like to thank you all for helping us to sell books! We’ve noticed that several of you are coming in periodically to check out what we have and then recommending titles to the people on your tours. We had very good sales in March due in part to your efforts! Thank you!!!

As you all know, BUILD! is going to be the next big thing for the Museum. We expect lots of families to visit during the course of the exhibit. There will be a small shop outside the exhibit selling related merchandise which will also be found at Books & More. There will be several Lego themed books available, including “idea” books, sticker books, books on the Lego Movie, etc. Three of the books come with Lego blocks included. We will also have several items with the BUILD! logo imprinted on them. There will be pens, highlighters, and crayons actually shaped like building blocks, as well as logo water bottles and pencils in bright primary colors, a cute little pencil eraser shaped like a hard hat and stickers in a variety of themes kids (or adults) can use on their Lego blocks! This should be fun for all, so be sure to bring the little ones in your family down to check it out and maybe participate in the workshops.

From Shaliyah’s Desk……..

Hello Everyone!

What a great year! Thank you for all of your hard work, flexibility and for putting our mission into motion! It’s a pleasure to work with you all! Here a a few updates.

Gallery Walk-Throughs for That’s the Way I Like It! and The Power of Mother Earth 

While we are in multiple stages of planning and installation of more than one gallery we have decided on the following times for walk-throughs of That’s the Way I Like It! and the outdoor mural, The Power of Mother Earth.

On Friday, April 25th at 9:30 am Thomas Breeze Marcus will have an outdoor talk about his mural, The Power of Mother Earth. Darian will be there that morning to facilitate. At 1:30 pm I will facilitate the in gallery walk-through of That’s the Way I Like It! I hope to have Diana Pardue come in for a few words about the exhibit. Many of the pieces in the exhibit are from artists we are familiar with so I feel this will be a good review. What I would like to do is work with guides on content, context and presentation. I am attaching the Intro and Label Copy for you all to review. Printed copies will also be provided day of. We also will follow this same structure on May 1st with Thomas Breeze Marcus at 9:30 am and That’s the Way I Like It! walk-through at 1:30 pm.

April 25th – 9:30 am – Thomas Breeze Marcus – The Power of Mother Earth

    1:30 pm – Shaliyah Ben / Diana Pardue – That’s the Way I Like It!

May 1st – 9:30 am – Thomas Breeze Marcus – The Power of Mother Earth

  1:30 pm – TBD / Diana Pardue – That’s the Way I Like It!

Gallery Talks

The gallery talks for Ledger Art and Houser were on March 28th. Please be aware that starting next week I will start assigning gallery talks in both galleries. As the temperatures rise the Sculpture Garden gallery talk will be put on a hiatus starting the end of May and will only be assigned at 10:30 am from now on.

From time to time I’m asked why we don’t have gallery talks in Boarding School. The Boarding School Experience is just that, an experience. With the senses manipulated and exercised in the gallery it’s difficult to successfully give a full gallery talk with all the stimuli. This is the reason why we don’t offer it as a gallery talk. It is however a great topic to bring up in the We Are! Gallery Talk as it is a featured topic in the Yazzie mural.

Graceful Volunteerism

I would like to thank everyone for their dedication, steadfastness and flexibility with our patrons, and also remind that gracefulness with patrons, fellow volunteers and staff ought to follow in tow. From time to time we have groups who come to the museum late. If you are in the situation where you have a group that you are assigned to that shows up, for example, 30 minutes late and CHOOSE to tour them please do so with a smile. Airing grievances with tour operators in front of customers is not acceptable. The tardiness is not the fault of admissions staff or any of the museum staff or the customers! If you ever find yourself in a situation where the moment just takes you then please don’t do the tour.

Sculptures FYI

With the closing of Heard North we are adding four sculptures to the main campus. Attached is a PDF to indicate with yellow blocks where each sculpture will be placed. This will all be done by April 28th. The sculptures are to include:

Southwest Summer Showers by Doug Hyde – This piece will be installed at the North Entrance and will face East.

Window to the Past by Roxanne Swentzell – This piece will be in the Pritzlaff Courtyard; North East corner. Same location where “Woman in Love” was.

Zuni Girl by Doug Hyde – This piece will be installed in the Ben-Horin Garden.

The Dollmaker by Doug Hyde – This piece will be located inside the museum at the west-end of the Alcove (immediately to your right as you exit Lovena Ohl)

* See the attached 4 page PDF for the outdoor locations*

School Tours Home Stretch

For the next month or so you will notice an influx of school tours. This happens each year, teachers will call last minute excited about field trips they can do. Wear comfy shoes and have some fun with the kids!

Round of Applause

(April 11th tour – 110 1st graders!)

Thanks for having us on Friday.  I wanted to let you know what a wonderful job our guide, Jim Patton did.  The kids learned so much from him and had a lot of fun.  He was very hands on with the kids and made the learning very relatable to them.  Jim even stopped me before we got on the bus to answer a question that one of the students had asked earlier in the day that he hadn’t gotten to.  He even remembered, by name, which student had asked the question.  Jim’s enthusiasm for teaching and clear love of children made him an outstanding guide that the students continued to talk about for the rest of the day.

-Jennifer Anderson

Way to go Jim!!!


*Please keep tours to 45 minutes.  Gallery Talks, 20 minutes.

*Please remember to check the galleries and replenish activities if necessary.

*Please rove in galleries and engage with public, please avoid standing around the info desk.

*Please obtain subs in a timely manner, not one week before.


*Please arrive at the info desk 15 minutes before your tour starts, not 3, 2, or 1 minute before 😉


Exhibit Schedule

Home: Native People in the Southwest – long term

We Are! Arizona’s First People – long term

Every Picture Tells a Story– long term

Remembering Our Boarding School Days – long term

Around the World – long-term

” Stories Outside the Lens: American Indian Ledger Art” – through September 21, 2014

“The Houser/Haozous Family: Celebrating a Century”  – through April 2015

 “That’s the Way I Like It!” – April 26 – February 8, 2015

“Chocolate, Chili, and Cochineal: Changing Taste Around the World – through November 30, 2014

The Heard Museum, 2301 North Central Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona 85004                                                                               


Shaliyah Ben

Educational Programs and Outreach Coordinator

Heard Museum

2301 N. Central Ave.

Phoenix, AZ 85004

602.252.8840  l  museum

602.251.0259  l  direct