Museum Shop Committee

The Museum Shop Committee is responsible for recruiting, training, and scheduling volunteers to work with the paid staff in the The Museum Shop.

Museum Shop Chair

The Museum Shop Chair is jointly appointed by the Guild President and the Director of Retail Sales and the Operations Manager with the assistance of the Museum Services Coordinator. The Shop Chair forms a Shop Board of at least 11 members, including the Shop Chair, the Museum Services Coordinator, and six Guild members selected by the Shop Chair for a two-year term. Additionally, the Shop Director of Retail Sales and Operations Manager attend all meetings in an advisory capacity. Board members should have a minimum of one year of experience working in the shop prior to serving on the Board. In addition, volunteers are recruited, trained, and scheduled to work in the Shops. The Shop Chair:

  • Reports progress and problems to the Museum Services Coordinator and attends all meetings scheduled by the Coordinator
  • Invites the Coordinator to all committee meetings. The Coordinator will attend whenever possible.
  • Acknowledges by thank you note or other means, appreciation for the work done by the volunteers.
  • Sets up meetings and makes all arrangements necessary with the Museum Events Coordinator.
  • Reviews the content of the public section of the Guild website to determine the accuracy and currency of the information pertaining to the work of the committee. Sends necessary changes to
  • At the end of the year, reviews the committee job description posted on the Guild website and in the Committee Notebook. They should both be the same. Makes any necessary changes and sends to the President Elect and to
  • Attends the Notebook Turnover Meeting in the late Spring and submits in quadruplicate the annual Committee Report using the Sample Committee Report as a guide. These reports will be distributed to the incoming Committee Chair, the Coordinator, the President and one copy will be filed in the Museum Library and Archives.
  • Also, a copy of the report in MSWord is e-mailed to for posting on the Guild website.


  • Prepare and submit a budget to the Guild Treasurer.
  • Work with the Operations Manager to develop, update, and implement the policies and procedures governing volunteer activities in the shop.
  • Appoint committee members and their replacements when terms of office are complete.
  • Conduct monthly meetings of the Shop Board from September through May. Invite the Director of Retail Sales and Operations Manager to attend all meetings in an advisory capacity.
  • Submit a monthly article to Artifacts to inform the membership of the Shops’ activities and events and to remind them of the need for Shop volunteers.
  • Recruit new volunteers through announcements at Guild meetings, articles in Artifacts and other Museum publications, direct verbal contact, etc.
  • Arrange for new volunteers to be trained before they are scheduled to work independently in the Shops.
  • Each volunteer must complete at least three training sessions and take a public tour of museum exhibits.
  • After training, a shop volunteer will usually begin as a substitute and/or volunteer at special shop events.
  • New volunteers may start at any time during the year, including summer months.
  • Assign Committee members to be Staffer of the Month. Shop Board member handle scheduling for the shops.
  • Obtain shop volunteers for special events which necessitate the opening of the shop.
  • Arrange continuing education events, including several educational workshops a year that are open to Museum members, generally at no charge..
  • Select, with input from other Shop Board members, the Outstanding Shop Volunteer of the Year for each Shop.
  • Submit, in April, a list of the new volunteers trained in the Shop during the year to be printed in the Spring Luncheon program.

Time Line


  • Submit budget to Guild Treasurer.
  • Make room reservations for Committee meetings and Shop Workshops.

September through May

  • Recruit, train, and schedule volunteers for the Heard Shop.
  • Attend bi-monthly Trustees Shop Committee meetings.
  • Conduct workshops.
  • Conduct monthly Committee meetings.
  • Submit articles to Artifacts.


  • Submit list of year’s new volunteers to the Spring Luncheon Chair.
  • Select the Outstanding Shop Volunteers of the Year.
  • Review website description of committee work and send changes to Make sure job descriptions are the same in the notebook and website. Send changes to the President Elect and to
  • Attend the Notebook Turnover Meeting and submit notebook and copies of the Committee’s annual report. E-mail report in MSWord format, preferably, or in any text format to the Guild Webmaster.

The Heard Museum Guild Board encourages innovation and process improvement, but new initiatives and/or different approaches, activities, or actions must be discussed with the assigned Coordinator and/or Guild Executive Committee and, if necessary, approved by the Guild Board and/or Museum.

rev 4/25/2016 – Shelley Mowry