Guild Education Coordinator


The Guild Education Coordinator is appointed by the President to serve as liaison between the Board of Directors and the Las Guias committee chairs under that jurisdiction.

The Guild Education Coordinator

  • Accepts and carries out such duties as may be assigned by the President of the Guild Board in addition to those stated.
  • Attends all meetings of the Board and Guild and other such meetings as required by the President.
  • Acknowledges, by thank you note or other means, appreciation for work done by Committee Chairs.
  • Reviews the content of the public section of the Guild website to determine the accuracy and currency of the information pertaining to the work of the Coordinator. Sends necessary changes to
  • At the end of the year, reviews the Coordinator’s job description posted on the Guild website.


  • Appoint and train Las Guias Committee Chairs who constitute the membership of the Education Council. They include the Chairs of Attendance Records, Evening Tours, Tune-Up, Las Guias Training Class Facilitators, New Exhibit Training, Performance Advisory Committee, Short Course Facilitators, Tour Scheduling and Docent Exchange.
  • Serve as liaison between the Guild Board and the Las Guias Committee Chairs. Obtain progress reports from these committees to report at each Guild Board meeting and relays information from the Board to the committee Chairs.
  • Chair the Education Council and call meetings open to all Las Guias members periodically. Invite the Museum Director of Education to present at each meeting.
  • Work closely with the Las Guias and Guild Chairs on all education offerings before it goes to the Museum Education Director for final approval.
  • Plan and implement Docent Exchanges with museums in the Phoenix area.
  • Schedule and chair a meeting in mid-March to select the Josephine Schupp and Pat Redinger Awards according to procedures outlined in the Las Guias Handbook. Transmit the names of the awardees to the Chair of the Service Awards Committee. Present the awards at the April Guild Appreciation Dinner.
  • Represent Las Guias at the Museum Program Staff quarterly meetings and report to the Guild Board.
  • Upon receipt of a Las Guias member’s resignation, send a thank you letter for the services rendered.
  • Monitor attendance records at required Las Guias events quarterly.

Time Line

  • Duties are ongoing throughout the year.


  • Review changes for the Las Guias website and submit changes to the Webmaster.
  • Submit a budget to the Treasurer upon request.
  • Oversee Tune-Up Committee’s Plans.
  • Oversee plans for docent exchange if it is the year for Las Guias to host.
  • Oversee recruitment of members for next year’s Las Guias class.
  • Work with appropriate chairs to give feedback to guides who have not met tour and continuing education requirements.


  • Review website description of the work of the Coordinator. Send changes to the President Elect and to

The Heard Museum Guild Board encourages innovation and process improvement, but new initiatives and/or different approaches, activities, or actions must be discussed with the assigned Coordinator and/or Guild Executive Committee and, if necessary, approved by the Guild Board and/or Museum.



Revised May 2017