Library & Archives Liaison

The Library & Archives Liaison works under the direction of the Heard Museum’s Billie Jane Baguley Library & Archives staff to assist in the many tasks necessary for a fully functioning library and archive. Library volunteers work on a variety of tasks and projects under the direction of the Library staff, and tasks and schedules vary for each library volunteer. The Library & Archives Liaison is appointed by the Guild’s Museum Services Coordinator with the assistance of Library staff. The Liaison serves as a liaison between the Library & Archives staff and the Guild’s Museum Services Coordinator. The Liaison also recruits library volunteers, who work under the direction of the Library staff.

Library & Archives Liaison

  • Must be a member of the Museum and a member of the Guild.
  • Reports progress and problems to the Museum Services Coordinator and attends all meetings scheduled by the Coordinator.
  • Acknowledges, by thank you note, email, phone, or other means, appreciation for the work done by the volunteers.
  • At the end of the year reviews the content of the public section of the Guild website pertaining to the work and job description of the Library & Archives Liaison to determine the accuracy and currency of the information. Sends necessary changes to the Museum Services Coordinator.
  • Submits monthly and annual reports to the Museum Services Coordinator.


  • Consult regularly with the Library & Archives staff about information to share with the Museum Services Coordinator.
  • Consult with the Museum Services Coordinator who is a liaison between the Guild Board and Library & Archives Liaison.
  • Prepare a monthly report for the Museum Services Coordinator, including information about the activities of the Library & Archives, and any questions or issues that need to go to the Board.
  • Prepare an Annual Report for the Museum Services Coordinator.
  • Recruit library volunteers as needed.
  • Coordinate the volunteers who provide refreshments for an assigned monthly Guild meeting.
  • Maintain volunteer sign-in sheets and provide the Library & Archives staff with total monthly volunteer hours.

Time Line


  • Submit a budget to the Museum Services Coordinator on request.

September through April

  • Submit a monthly report of Library & Archives news and/or issues to the Museum Services Coordinator.
  • Recruit volunteers for the Library & Archives as needed.


  • Review website job description of Library & Archives Liaison, and send changes to the Museum Services Coordinator.

The Heard Museum Guild Board encourages innovation and process improvement, but new initiatives and/or different approaches, activities, or actions must be discussed with the assigned Coordinator and/or Guild Executive Committee and, if necessary, approved by the Guild Board and/or Museum.



Rev. 6/2018