Las Guias Touring Commitment

A commitment is required of at least two years of guide service with a minimum of 30 tours per year (two scheduled half-days per month, June through May).

There is no provision for break or vacation other than a Leave of Absence (LOA)

Touring year begins June 1 and ends May 31.

Need for guides is greatest from September through May. Guides have three options for meeting their commitment of 30 tours by May 31.

  1. Two ”Half-days”: guiding per month September through May,
  2. “Combination”: one half-day per month September through May and accept tours when called and for touring during the summer months or
  3. “On Call”: Senior Guides who have regularly met their commitment must have completed 60 tours following graduation. The guide’s performance earns that privilege and may request ”On Call” status. ” On Call ” Guides are required to do a minimum of five scheduled public tours per year.

First two years after graduation new Las Guias guides will automatically be given half-day assignments with at least one half-day weekday morning, unless there are extenuating circumstances.

Guides having health or personal problems can arrange to limit their touring commitment by discussing this with the Heard Guild Education Coordinator and the Museum Tour Scheduler. Individual plans can be negotiated so that these guides remain active Las Guias members.

Half-day service involves 3 3/4 hours of contact with museum visitors. Two touring assignments will be made in a half-day, which, in most cases, will include: two tours or a tour and a gallery talk combination. The gallery talk will be specified on the weekly schedule.

The guide must record the name of the tour or gallery along with the numbers attending the tour or talk on the Las Guias Online Tour Sign-Out Sheet on the Guild Room Computer .