Las Guias Performance Observation Committee

The Las Guias Performance Observation Committee plans and implements the observation of guides’ touring performances.  The observation is intended to be a learning experience for both the observers and the observed guide.  There are no grades or ratings applied to the observation but a dialogue between the guide and observers is expected to produce a give and take of effective guiding practices.  A team of six to ten guides will be selected by the Education Coordinator to perform the observations.

Tasks:  The observers serve a term of two (2) years and may be reappointed by the Education Coordinator. The Observation Committee will meet before the observations begin each year in order to come to a uniform agreement of the procedures to be applied for the observations.

  • Observations of first-year guides will be conducted by the Museum Education staff, or the Guild Performance Observation Committee if requested by the Museum Education staff.
  • Observations of guides will take place during the first year, the third year and then every five years. If a guide takes a Leave of Absence of one year or more, an observation tour will be held upon return to active status.  The third, fifth, and all subsequent observations will be conducted by two members of the Performance Observation Committee.
  • The guides to be reviewed will be notified by email two weeks or more before observation date and will receive a copy of the form to be used in the observation two weeks before the observation.
  • After the observed tour, the observed guide will be given 10-15 minutes to review the observation form, and reflect on her/his own performance.
  • The guide will then meet with the observation team in a private place to reflect with the observers on the tour, and may use the observation form as a template.
  • The guide may keep the observation form as a tool for future tours or choose to have the form destroyed.
  • If, in the opinion of the observers, the observed tour presents issues which need to be addressed, such as length of time of the tour, factual statements which need to be checked, or other issues, that information will be forwarded to the Guild Education Coordinator. The Education Coordinator may arrange another observed tour and may arrange for the observed guide to shadow another guide, or implement other measures to address pertinent issues.


Rev. 2/2019/Fast