Las Guias Noticias, June 2015

To Guides from the Education Department

Heard Museum Guide Schedule:

From Jaclyn’s Desk……

Yá’at’eeh Las Guias,

Hope you are doing well so far this summer. As we move to prepare for the fall I encourage you to take time to share with friends the opportunity to become a Las Guias member, class begins October 6.

We are looking forward to several new exhibitions this season so I hope you can make time join us at Fall Tune-up to learn more about them.

As always thank you for your dedication to the museum. Stay cool!



From Betty Murphy’s Desk………

Billie Jane Baguley Library and Archives Collection Spotlight for June 2015

To commemorate the 800th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta, here is a sampling of four selections from the library collection related to the law. The democratic aspirations of 13th-century English barons recorded in this document became embedded in the US Constitution. A few examples of how federal law has impacted the lives of American Indians are examined in these four selections currently on display in the public reading area of the library. Please feel free to visit the library to review these or any other items of interest in the library and archives collections. For more details or additional collection information, click on the Search Catalog link located in the pull-down menu of the library tab on the Heard website.

In the courts of the conqueror : the 10 worst Indian law cases ever decided
Echo-Hawk, Walter R.
Golden, Colo. : Fulcrum Publishing, c2010
Heard call number KF8204.5 .E24 2010

In the smaller scope of conscience : the struggle for national repatriation legislation, 1986-1990
McKeown, C. Timothy
Tucson, Ariz. : University of Arizona Press, c2012
Heard call number KF8210.A57 M34 2012

Tribal water rights : essays in contemporary law, policy, and economics
Thorson, John E., Sarah Britton, and Bonnie G. Colby, editors
Tucson : University of Arizona Press, c2006
Heard call number KF8210.N37 T758 2006

Red man’s land/white man’s law : the past and present status of the American Indian
Washburn, Wilcomb E.
Norman : University of Oklahoma Press, 1995
Heard call number KF8205 .W38 1995


From Lynn Bullock’s Desk…


Now that summer has arrived to the tune of 110 degrees +, things are pretty quiet around here. That makes it a great time to catch up on your reading! As usual, we have a great selection of new titles for you to check out – plus we can really use your business during the summer doldrums!

I’ve been notified by David Rothberg that he has invited Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz to speak at the October 21 Guild meeting. Her talk will focus on her recent book “An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States”. We currently have the book in hardcover for $27.95. The paperback will be out in mid-August and sells for $16.95 (less your discount, of course). If you would like to reserve a copy, please call Books & More at 602 251-0258.

As always, thanks for your support. Keep sending people to Books & More – it really helps our sales, which in turn helps us all support the Museum!


From Sue Snyder’s Desk…

Hope everyone is enjoying a good summer with a little downtime no matter where you are.  It is time to re-charge those batteries!  Here are a couple things to keep in mind…

One, Education Council will meet quarterly again this year.  Meetings will be held every other month after the Guild meetings starting at 1:00 in Dorrance/Encanto classroom.  The first meeting will be held on Sept 16.  All Las Guias are welcome and committee chairs on the Education committee are asked to attend since discussions of business pertaining to all guides will be done at this time.  The second meeting will be on Nov 18th and also in Jan and March.  Please come.

Two, the annual Tune-Up (name changed back) will be held on Monday, Oct 12th with lots of interesting guests and topics presented.  Sheila Mehlem and Joan Jasso will again be in charge.  They are working to make some changes in the lunches.  Stay tuned…

Third and last, we have been asked by the Museum and the Guild to be more visible in our role as “rovers”.  The Heard is a large place with many nooks and crannies full of good stuff that can be confusing to visitors.  Instead of remaining in the Information Desk  area, the Education Department would like Las Guias who are not conducting tours, to circulate around the area that is not being toured at the time, to be available to answer questions from guests about certain exhibits or even just directions for specific locations.  We will make “Ask Me” buttons available at the desk so guests can readily see that you are available to help if you choose to wear them.  Some guests don’t want help and we all can recognize their responses.  We are the visitor’s first impression of the Heard and we want them to feel welcome as they explore our wonderful Museum.

Thanks for all you do through-out the year,
Sue Snyder


From Shaliyah’s Desk….

Hello Las Guias,

The only thing I wanted to add for June was that I’ll be holding an Educators Open House on July 26 in conjunction with the last Summer Sunday in July. This small event will allow for educators, school administrators, home school educators and education students to learn about our Education Department, our school tour program and outreach services. Attendees will leave with information, free art posters for learning, featuring pieces from our permanent collection, and a deeper understanding of our services. For more information please follow the following link:

Please pass this information and link to teachers you think would be interested!

Happy Touring,



*Please keep tours to 45 minutes.  Gallery Talks, 20 minutes.

*Please remember to check the galleries and replenish activities if necessary.

*Please rove in galleries and engage with public, please avoid standing around the info desk.

*Please obtain subs in a timely manner, not one week before.


*Please arrive at the info desk 15 minutes before your tour starts, not 3, 2, or 1 minute before 😉


Exhibit Schedule

Home: Native People in the Southwest – long term

We Are! Arizona’s First People – long term

Every Picture Tells a Story– long term

Remembering Our Boarding School Days – long term

Around the World – long-term

“The Houser/Haozous Family: Celebrating a Century”  – through April 2015

“Time Exposures: Exploring a history of Isleta Pueblo in the 19th Century” – through September 27, 2015

“Beautiful Games: American Indian Sport and Art” – through November 2015

“Houser/Haozous Family: Celebrating a Century” – through April 3, 2015

“Loloma: Expressions in Metal, Ink, and Clay” – through October 4, 2015

“Super Heroes: Art! Action! Adventure!” – Through August 23, 2015

Shaliyah J. Ben
Education Program & Outreach Manager
2301 N. Central Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85004
602.251.0259 direct
602.252.9757 fax