Las Guias Docent Exchange Director

The Las Guias Docent Exchange Director represents the Heard Museum in developing an ongoing relationship with the docents of major, as well as smaller, and specialty museums both in the Phoenix area and in Arizona.  A docent exchange is held with the Desert Botanical Garden, Phoenix Art Museum, and the Musical Instrument Museum, with each museum sponsoring the annual exchange on a rotating basis.

The Docent Exchange Director is appointed by the Education Coordinator in the Spring, to serve a two-year term.  The Director maintains contact with the other host museums; and keeps the Heard Museum docents advised about the annual Docent Exchange.

Duties of the Director:  The Director shall

  • serve as the contact person for all museums involved in the Docent Exchange and represent the Heard Museum in communications between the host museums.
  • is responsible for timely marketing the Docent Exchange in multimedia directed to the Heard Museum docents.
  • keep a record of which docents attend the Docent Exchange.
  • organize and present the Docent Exchange when the Heard Museum is the host Museum.
  • file a monthly report with the Education Coordinator for inclusion in the Education report at Guild Board meetings.
  • file an annual report when the Heard Museum is the host museum following the template used by the Guild Board, including costs for hosting the event.
  • shall serve a two-year term which may be extended by the Guild Board and nominate a successor at the end of the Director’s term.

Tasks of the Director:  The Director shall

  • contact the host museum and inform the Heard Museum docents of the details of the Docent Exchange for that year.
  • plan the Docent Exchange in a timely manner when the Heard Museum is the host. This shall include reservation of appropriate room, and room set -up by contacting the Private Events and Catering manager in the Spring before a host year.
  • obtain assistance as needed to perform the tasks of hosting the Docent Exchange.
  • work with the Education Coordinator in planning topics and speakers.
  • be responsible for contacting speakers, arranging presentations and establishing an agenda.
  • invite participating museums in a timely manner to the Docent Exchange.
  • purchase and inventory all hospitality items needed for the Docent Exchange.
  • submit receipts to the Guild Treasurer.
  • prepare notebooks, handouts, and forms for all attendees.
  • present the program or work with the Education Coordinator to find a presenter.
  • keep a record of the number of attendees and costs.


On the day of the Docent Exchange, meet with the other museum representatives and provide a date for them if the Heard Museum hosts the following year; or obtain a date for the following year from the hosting museum.   Give the date to the Education Coordinator for placement on the Master Calendar.

April-May of Host Year:

  • Arrange a meeting with the Education Coordinator to begin preparations for hosting the Docent Exchange.
  • Contact the Private Events and Catering manager to obtain a room and arrange for room set-up, including filing out appropriate forms.
  • Inform the Education Coordinator of the date and time for placement on the Master Calendar.

Summer of Host Year:

  • Establish a focus and initial agenda for the Docent Exchange, arrange speakers if possible.

September-October of Host Year (depending on date of Docent Exchange)

  • Contact speakers and presenters, establish agenda.
  • Place ads in media, contact all participating museums, begin taking registrations and fees
  • Confirm room arrangements and set -up, including computer needs, microphones and power point or other presentation needs.

One month prior to Docent Exchange:

  • Begin preparation of handouts, check on power point or film needs with speakers.
  • Obtain copies of speaker presentations and check on compatibility with Museum AV equipment with appropriate Museum staff.
  • Review hospitality needs and purchase nonperishable items
  • Arrange responsibility for hospitality set-up and supplies

Day of Docent Exchange:

  • Be present one hour before Docent Exchange begins to assist with room set-up
  • Arrange food and drink.
  • Distribute or have ready for distribution, notebooks, forms and handouts
  • Have appropriate staff check computers, power points, microphones

The Heard Museum Guild Board encourages innovation ad process improvement, but new initiatives and/or different approaches, activities, or actions must be discussed with the assigned Coordinator and/or Guild Executive Committee and, if necessary, approved by the Guild Board and/or Museum.


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