Las Guias Docent Exchange

The purpose of the Las Guias Docent Exchange Committee is to develop an ongoing relationship with the docents of the major (and when possible with the smaller and specialty museums) of Phoenix and Arizona with the hope that the docents of other museums will recommend the Heard Museum to their visitors. A docent exchange is also an opportunity to share touring ideas and suggestions.

The committee hosted a small group of docents from Northern Arizona Museum on Friday, May 16. The contact for this visit is: Norman Mayes (

The major event each touring season is the Docent Exchange that includes the Heard Museum, the Phoenix Art Museum, and the Desert Botanical Garden. The Heard hosted a very successful Exchange in 2013. It was the turn of the Desert Botanical Garden to host in 2014. The Garden did schedule an exchange but chose the date of the February Guild meeting and issued the invitation just weeks before the date of the planned exchange. Because of the conflict with the Guild meeting and the lateness of the invitation, the Heard chose not to attend. The Phoenix Art Museum will host the Exchange in 2015. The Heard will host in 2016.