Las Guias Attendance Recorder

The Attendance Recorder records Las Guias members’ attendance at the Tune Ups and New Exhibit Walk Throughs.  The Recorder is appointed by the Guild Education Coordinator to a two-year term that can be extended by the Education Coordinator.

Duties of the Attendance Recorder:  The Attendance Recorder

  • is a voting member of the Education Council and makes progress reports at Council meetings.
  • reports problems to the Education Coordinator and attends all meetings called by the Coordinator.
  • reviews the content of the Guild website to determine the accuracy of the information pertaining to the work of the Recorder. If changes are needed, the Recorder sends those changes to the Education Coordinator.
  • acknowledges, by thank you note or other means, appreciation for work done by volunteer guides who assist the Recorder.
  • submits an Annual Committee Report using the Sample Committee Report as a guide. A copy shall be provided to the incoming Recorder, the Education Coordinator, the Guild President and the Guild Secretary.

Tasks of the Attendance Recorder:  The Attendance Recorder

  • shall establish a committee of Las Guias members who can share attendance recording responsibilities with the Recorder or in the absence of the Recorder.
  • takes attendance of guides at Tune Ups and New Exhibit Walk Throughs.
  • submits attendance information to the Museum Tour and Education Scheduler.
  • makes a determination which guides, if any, have not attended an exhibit walk through. This determination is made one month after the Exhibit opens at the Museum.
  • informs in writing any guides who have not completed an exhibit walk through, that they must arrange a walk through with a New Exhibit Training Committee member.



  • keep records of attendance of all guides at Tune Ups and New Exhibit Walk Throughs.
  • once a month confirm that all guides have attended the required programs; if any have not, send a written notice informing the guide of the need to contact a New Exhibit Training Committee member and arrange a walk through. If a Tune Up is missed, inform the guide to contact the Chair of the Tune Up committee to make arrangements to make up the missed session.


  • review the website description of the work of the Recorder and send changes to the Education Coordinator.
  • prepare Annual Report using the Sample Annual Report of the Guild Board and give to Education Coordinator.
  • meet with the Incoming Recorder and provide documentation of job description and responsibilities.

The Heard Museum Guild Board encourages innovation and process improvement, but new initiatives and/or different approaches, activities, or actions must be discussed with the assigned Coordinator and/or Guild Executive Committee and, if necessary, approved by the Guild Board and/or Museum.


Rev. July/2018/Fast