Best of Show Security

The Best of Show Security Committee monitors the Best of Show display in Steele Auditorium to ensure that art is not touched during the public viewing of the award-winning art.

The Security Chair is appointed by the Fair Chair and is responsible for recruiting, training, and scheduling the volunteers ranging in number from 60 to 66.

The Chair:

  • Reports progress and problems to the Fair Chair and attends all Fair meetings scheduled by the Fair Chair.
  • Acknowledges, by thank you note or other means, appreciation for the work done by volunteers working on this committee.
  • Sets up meetings and makes all arrangements necessary with the Museum Events Coordinator.
  • Reviews the content of the public section of the Guild website to determine the accuracy and currency of the information pertaining to the work of the committee. Sends necessary changes to
  • At the end of the year, reviews the committee job description posted on the Guild website and in the Committee Notebook. They should both be the same. Makes any necessary changes and sends to the President Elect and to
  • Attends the Indian Fair & Market Wrap Up Meeting after the and submits in duplicate the annual Committee Report (unbound) using the Sample Committee Report as a guide. These reports will be distributed to the incoming Committee Chair and the Fair Chair. Also, a copy of the report in MSWord format is e-mailed to for posting on the Guild website.


  • Organize the security volunteers for Best of Show.  This task requires close coordination with
  • the Indian Fair & Market Chair,
  • the Museum Security Chief,
  • the Museum Curator,
  • the Volunteer Coordinators,
  • the Best of Show Ticket Chair,
  • the Best of Show Dinner Chair.
  • Send “Save the Date” e-mails and flyers to all volunteers who worked last year or worked previous years.
  • Recruit volunteers at the October Job Fair, from the Las Guias class, from the Shop workers, from new members, etc.
  • Mail/E-mail information telling volunteers how to purchase their discounted Best of Show ticket.
  • Have signage prepared: “No Drinks, Packages or Flash Photos”. Check with the Event Operations Manager about sign standards/easels that may be needed.
  • Send a list of the security volunteers to the Best of Show Ticket Chair. Consult frequently with the Ticket Chair on the status of paid volunteers.
  • Send list of paid volunteers to the Volunteer Coordinators to make badges for the volunteers. Badges will be of different colors and will have 1st, 2nd, or 3rd shift under the volunteer’s name.
  • Assign the volunteers. Make assignment diagram. Send e-mail/letter to volunteers with their assignments, sign-in instructions, and parking locations. Volunteers are assigned in three overlapping shifts:
  1. Shift I: 5:15 – 6:30
  2. Shift II: 6:15 – 7:30
  3. Shift III: 7:15 – 8:15

Time Line


  • “Save the Date” e-mails and flyers.
  • Job Fair table.
  • One on one recruiting.


  • Send out ticket buying instructions to volunteers.
  • Send volunteer list to Best of Show Ticket Sales Chair.
  • Check for signage easels/standards.
  • Respond to volunteers’ e-mail and phone calls.
  • Check status of paid volunteers.


  • Send list of paid volunteers to Volunteer Coordinators as they sign up..
  • Inform Volunteer Coordinators if additional volunteers are needed..
  • Send e-mail/letters with parking and museum entrance instructions to paid volunteers.
  • Make signs.


  • On day of Best of Show, make room diagram and volunteer placement assignments on Friday afternoon.
  • Supervise security volunteers at Best of Show display.


  • Review website description of committee work and send changes to Make sure job descriptions are the same in the notebook and website. Send changes to the President Elect and to
  • Attend the Fair Wrap Up meeting and submit 2 copies of final report and send an electronic copy in MS Word format to the Webmaster.