Hoop Dance 101: Let’s Hoop Dance

Tony Duncan (Apache/Arikara/Mandan/Hidatsa)

Immerse yourself in the teachings of the Hoop Dance with 5-time World Champion Hoop Dancer, Tony Duncan. “The symbol of the hoop represents all of life. From the east as the sunrises, all of life begins. The sun climbs to the highest part of father sky. Then, to the West, the sun sets and grandmother moon watches over all of mother earth. But once more the sun rises to the East, beginning the cycle and hoop of life once more. The Hoop Dance celebrates the beauty that we call, Life. The animals, the insects, the earth, the wind, the rain, our families, and the mountains are all shown through the hoops. All of life is sacred and the Hoop Dance celebrates and honors the many wonders of life.” –Tony Duncan

Mr. Duncan will conduct the sessions on Saturday at 2:30 and 3:30 and on Sunday at 2:30 after his 1:00 performance with Darrin Yazzie in the Amphitheater.  Come and join in or take a break from the sun and watch the fun while you learn about Hoop Dancing.  He will also be performing with Darrin Yazzie on Pavilion Stage (flute and guitar) at 11:30.