The President-Elect assists the President and presides in the absence of the President. The President Elect may sign contracts. The President-Elect is a member of the Executive and Finance Committees.

The President-Elect

  1. To perform the duties of the President when necessary.
  2. To attend the regularly scheduled Senior Management Meetings and the Education Program Committee Meetings.
  3. To learn about Guild programs and projects and to attend committee meetings when possible.  To become knowledge about members and their talents.
  4. To notify Guild Board members in March that their job descriptions and committee descriptions need to be reviewed, necessary changes made, and updates to be given to the Guild Secretary by early April.
  5. To make all necessary revisions for the Guild Handbook to that chairman for inclusion in the coming year’s material to be given to new Board members in September.
  6. To distribute year-end reports as directed by the Guild Secretary.
  7. To accept and carry out duties as assigned by the President and the Guild Board.
  8. To begin to development of leadership for coming years.

Revised 2017 – Sue Snyder