Guild Technical Services/Support Specialist

Reports directly to and is a member of the Technology Management Committee and indirectly reports to the Guild committee chairpersons referenced below.


Provides technical support for the I T equipment and meeting presentation needs of the Guild, with particular attention to the needs of Guild Programs, the Artist Exhibitors, Student Art Show, and Juried Competition Committees and the Guild Treasurer, including computer software and hardware maintenance and updating, advice regarding equipment capabilities and limitations, and other support as requested.

Time Requirement:

1 to 2 hours per week

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

• Meets regularly with the Technology Management Committee
• Communicates regularly with the Guild Treasurer and the Chairs of the Artist Exhibitors, Student Art Show, and Juried Competition Committees
• Communicates regularly with the Chairs of the Guild Programs Coordinator, and various Guild Programs Committees
• Sets up or arranges for the setup of presentation equipment at Guild meetings and special Guild events
• Performs routine maintenance and updating on Guild computers
• Maintains a stock of supplies for Guild printers
• Maintains an inventory of Guild technical equipment and software
• Evaluates current technical equipment needs and provides solutions
• Ensures a system of backup and archival of essential data


• Training program with Guild Technology trainers and/or
• Microsoft PowerPoint software program for presentations
• Microsoft Excel and Word to manage Guild technical resources
• LogMeIn, an internet application to connect remotely with the Guild Room computers
• Carbonite, and internet application to backup computers

Position Qualifications

• Basic knowledge and familiarity with the Windows Operating System, the LogMeIn application, the Carbonite application, and the operation of printers
• Basic knowledge and familiarity with MS PowerPoint software and the necessary equipment for presentations
• Working knowledge of MS Word, MS Excel

Special Considerations

• Should have access to PC computer or laptop, Internet access and email
• Must possess good communication skills and great patience to provide technical assistance to Guild members

Time Line

Provides budget information to the Chair of the Technology Management Committee

September – April
Meets with committees as appropriate. Carries out assigned tasks

Review and update this Position Description. Submit recommended changes to the Technology Management Committee.



Rev. 10/15/17