Guild Communications and Publicity Guidelines

In 2018, the responsibility for Communications and Publicity was moved under the duties of the Guild Secretary.  The goal is to have one main liaison with Heard Museum staff. The Secretary, or his/her designee, will act on behalf of Guild Coordinator and Chair requests. Contributors will be informed of any required edits or copy changes.

Contacts for Communications

During the current Guild Year 2020-2021, the contacts for communications issues are as follows:

Email “blasts”

 An email blast is a communication by email that is sent to all Guild members.

No email blasts may be sent without the authority of the Guild President or Secretary. These Officers have the ability to send email blasts and will do so, as and when necessary.

The Secretary is responsible for general Guild publicity, with the exception of Indian Fair & Market and the Student Art Show & Sale. This includes articles in Happening Now, Earthsong, and social media platforms.

Deadlines to keep in mind

  • Happening Now is a bi-weekly on-line publication by the Guild for its members. It is published every other Monday morning, usually from September – April. Items are due to the editor at by the end of day on the Friday before publication. Items should be of interest to all Guild members and not directed at a specific group or committee
  • Earthsong is a magazine published three times a year by the Heard Museum, in which Guild activities are usually included. It is mailed in paper or digital format to all museum members. Due dates for items vary and announcements will be made regarding deadlines.

Requests for inclusion in Earthsong  must  be sent to the Guild Secretary

  • Social media includes Facebook, Instagram, emails to museum members, and other digital platforms. All items for social media must be approved by various levels of senior museum staff which may take several days or even weeks. Unfortunately, it is outside of the Guild’s control as to when or if a social media request is granted.

Requests for inclusion in social media must be sent to the Guild Secretary.

Required Content for Submissions for Publication

Under updated Museum staff procedures, any communication going to museum membership must go through several levels of approval.  This includes Earthsong and social media.  It is very important that you provide all required information in order for your item to be processed in good time.

This information must be sent to the Guild Secretary, not to museum staff.

All submissions from Committee Chairs and Coordinators must provide the following:

  • Event title
  • Date and time
  • Location (space must be reserved prior to publication)
  • Contact person (be careful with use of personal e-mail addresses and phone numbers)
  • Description of event, including where applicable, speaker’s names, tribal affiliation
  • Text must be sent in separate email from any images
  • Images must be high-resolution and appropriate credit releases obtained to avoid any potential copyright issues (technical details regarding images can be provided on request)

 Use of Alias Email Addresses

Alias email addresses are assigned to members of the Guild Board.  If you require a new alias email address, please contact the Guild Technology Chair ( with the individual’s name, personal email address and title of alias.

This information also appears on the Heard Guild website  (The Guild – Guild Publications Guidelines)