Guild Newsletter Committee

The Newsletter Committee is responsible for producing nine issues of Artifacts per year—September through May—for distribution to all Guild members unless otherwise directed by the Board of Directors. The Newsletter Committee Chair is appointed by the President with assistance from the Membership Coordinator.

Newsletter Committee Chair

  • Reports progress and problems to the Membership Coordinator and attends all meetings scheduled by the Coordinator.
  • Invites the Coordinator to all committee meetings. The Coordinator will attend whenever possible.
  • Acknowledges by thank you note, or other means, appreciation for the work done by the volunteers.
  • Sets up meetings and make all arrangements necessary with the Museum Events Coordinator.
  • Reviews the content of the public section of the Guild website to determine the accuracy and currency of the information pertaining to the work of the committee. Sends necessary changes to
  • At the end of the year, reviews the committee job description posted on the Guild website and in the Committee Notebook. They should both be the same. Makes any necessary changes and sends to the President Elect and to
  • Attends the Notebook Turnover Meeting in the late Spring and submits in quadruplicate the annual Committee Report using the Sample Committee Report as a guide. These reports will be distributed to the incoming Committee Chair, the Coordinator, and the President and one copy will be file in the Museum Library and Archives. Also, a copy of the report in MSWord is e-mailed to for posting on the Guild website.


  • Set a deadline for articles or announcements to be submitted by Board members and/or committee chairs. The deadline for each issue is the third Thursday of the month, which is usually the day after the monthly Guild meeting.
  • Articles can be e-mailed or put in the Artifacts mail slot in the Guild Room. E-mail is the preferred method.
  • Articles must be short and to the point.
  • Inserts are prepared and copies are made by the committee responsible for them.
  • Prepare the copy using a desktop publishing program in the established format. The format can be changed but must include the Heard Guild logo and the correct Heard Museum branding.
  • Pay attention to consistency, grammar, spelling, etc.
  • Scan inserts for inclusion with the e-mail copies.
  • Send a copy of the draft issue to the President or other designated officer for review.
  • E-mail the file (after creating a .pdf file) to the chosen printer. Request enough copies for the mailing list plus about 15 extra. The number of copies must be enough for the mailing list plus 15.
  • Work with the Membership Services Coordinator and the Guild webmaster to keep the Artifacts mailing list current.
  • Guild members receive Artifacts via e-mail unless they have no e-mail address on file or cannot read the attached files.
  • Pick up the copies from the printer when they are ready. Deliver two copies to the Museum Library and the remaining copies to the Membership Coordinator for the membership table at Guild meetings.
  • Distribute Artifacts by e-mail and USPS mail.
  • E-mail the .pdf file of Artifacts to Guild members via the Volgistics member database and to select Heard Museum staff, along with all inserts/flyers, etc.
  • Mail copies to members on the mailing list. Copies are folded, secured on three sides with round mailing dots (USPS requirement), and stamped with 1st class postage.
  • Submit a voucher to the Treasurer for printing and mailing costs.

Time Line


  • Notify the Board and committee chairs of due dates for each issue, guidelines for length of article (short), and how to provide inserts (each committee is responsible for providing and paying for enough copies to accompany the mailed copies).

August through May

  • Collect articles for each issue. Articles are collected the month prior to the date of the issue, i.e., articles for the September issue must be received in August.
  • Edit copy and prepare the file of the issue.
  • Send Artifacts file to the printer on the Monday following the Thursday deadline.
  • Pick up copies from the printer.
  • Send Artifacts to the membership by e-mail and/or USPS.


  • Review website description of committee work and send changes to Make sure job descriptions are the same in the notebook and website. Send changes to the President-Elect and to
  • Attend the Notebook Turnover Meeting and submit notebook and copies of the Committee’s annual report. E-mail report in MSWord to the Guild Webmaster.

The Heard Museum Guild Board encourages innovation and process improvement, but new initiatives and/or different approaches, activities, or actions must be discussed with the assigned Coordinator and/or Guild Executive Committee and, if necessary, approved by the Guild Board and/or Museum.

rev. 5/03/2011