Guild Meeting Minutes, February 2015

Steele Auditorium
February 1, 2015


CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order by President Susan Kolman at 10:00 AM.

INTRODUCTION OF SPEAKER: David Rothberg introduced our speaker Melody Hudson, Public Relations Manager of the Gila River Casinos. Melody introduced the other people who would be presenting: Alia Hauter, Roberto Jackson, and Shannon Redbird. Each then described the aspects of the Gila River Community they oversee.

After a short break, the meeting reconvened.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Barbara D’Alessio moved to approve the minutes of the November 19, 2014 Heard Guild general meeting. The motion was seconded by Winona Passmore and approved by a majority. Sandy Eiker moved to approve the minutes of the January 21, 2015 Heard Guild general meeting. The motion was seconded by Gloria Murison and approved by a majority.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Mary Bonsall reported that the cash balances as of January 31, 2014 were $346,227 and that $61,968 is tagged for restricted use. The increase in the revenue is due to donations received for Best of Show Ribbons and booth fees from exhibitors. Some deposits have been made to vendors for the Fair. She also reported that as of February 12, 2015, the net income from the Library Book Sale was $36,361.

Susan Kolman explained that $30,000 would be turned over to the Museum to be used by the Library for the Argos 2.0 project to put artist’s file on line. The rest would be held back to be used for start up of the next Library event. A committee is exploring various ideas as to what that will be.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Susan Kolman announced that the Guild Appreciation Dinner will be on April 23, 2015 and will have an Old Hollywood theme.

Gloria Murison announced that Elaine Weston is in the hospital and receiving chemotherapy. She suggested that cards be sent to Elaine’s home.

BYLAWS: Richard Borgmann, Chair of the Bylaws Committee, thanked the members of the committee: Mary Bonsall, De Bachmann, Judith Dobbs, Sandy Eiker, and Lucille Shanahan. Other advisors included Susan Kolman, and James Huntwork, a member of the Museum Board of Trustees and a major contributor to the revised Heard Museum Bylaws. Also listed as resources were Bylaws Workbook by Marcia A. Lindley and the Heard Museum Bylaws.

Richard explained the approval process which included approval at the December Guild Board of Director’s meeting to submit the revised bylaws to the membership at the February meeting. The revised bylaws were also attached to the January, 2015 issue of Artifacts. They were presented to the membership by Sandy Eiker at the January 21, 2015 Guild meeting.

Richard made a motion to adopt the amended bylaws as presented. Gloria Murison seconded the motion. There was one question about the types of membership. Richard explained the reason it had gone from six types to four types. The motion was approved without opposition.

STUDENT ART: Reta announced that the Student Art Sale is scheduled for March 27—30. It will be open to members only during the day on Friday. She requested monetary donations to cover the postage and shipping costs to return unsold art to the students.

SPRING LUNCHEON: Reta Severtson announced that the luncheon would be held on Wednesday, May 6 at the JW Marriott at Camelback. She also explained that there would be no silent auction this year, and the raffle also would be different than past years. More details will be available at the March and April Guild meetings.

GUILD TRIPS: Shelley Mowry announced the upcoming Guild sponsored trips for Navajo Weaving, Mesa Verde and Santa Fe. She also explained that the trip to the Yucatan has been cancelled because it conflicted with the Circles trip to Mexico City in accord with the Frida Kahlo exhibit.

GUILD AWARDS: Rod Passmore, Chair for Heard Guild Service Awards, spoke about the Special Recognition and Special Achievement Awards for 2014-2015, which will be presented at the Spring Luncheon on May 6. He explained that a Special Recognition Award is given for a member’s time and dedication to an existing project. He asked for nominations for Special Achievement or Special Recognition be sent to him by email with supporting evidence for the nomination by March 16.

DOCENT EXCHANGE: Phyllis Manning reminded the docents of the upcoming docent exchange program to be held at the Phoenix Art Museum.

Susan Kolman asked for members to contact Sally and/or John Nuremberg, Chairs for Hospitality at the Fair to remember to bring non-perishable items to the Guild Room and for perishables to bring them to the Fair.

Susan spoke about the search committee and the process for finding a new Museum Director and CEO.

Meeting adjourned at 11:30 AM.

Respectfully submitted,
Claire Warshaw,