Guild Lifetime Volunteer Award


  • Minimum 15 years membership in Guild
  • Extensive service to the Guild and Museum
  • Active (dues paid) membership in the Guild
  • Willingness and ability to attend December Holiday Brunch (12/6/2017)
  • Not a member of the selection committee

The purpose of the award, established by the Guild Board in 2012, is to recognize those who have made significant contributions of service to the Guild, especially those who are not able to continue the level of service that they had in the past. The Award is presented at the Guild’s Holiday Brunch in December Think of them as the Guild’s Living Treasures.


Ginger Allingham
Martha Cozzi
Sandy Stein
Nan Steiner
Kathleen Whalen
Vern Urich

Delores “De” Bachmann
Kay Benedict
Rusty Hale
Evie Smith
Shirley Weyand
Edna Weinberg

Martha Albrecht
Norma Jean Coulter
Donna Franquemont
Ann Gorton
Gloria Murison
Mildred Starr

Beverly Chapman
Linda Hefter
Marilyn Holroyd
Ken Noone
Sandra Straub
Elaine Weston

Frances Burruel
Carey DiPietro
Barbara Filosi
Phyllis Manning
Judith Miles
Elinor Rothberg

Sarah Greenfield
Barbara Johnson
Saralou Merrell
Deb Monroe
Helen Stiles
Louise Wakem

Donita Beckham
Barbara Korn
John Miller
Thea Miller
Rod Passmore
Sidney Wilson

Fran Dickman
Barbara Jones (awarded posthomously)
Rex Nelson
David Rothberg
Emma Sansone
Marlene Scholsohn