Guild Book Club

The Guild Book Club adds another element of education, excitement and fun to being a volunteer at the Heard Museum. I really enjoy meeting every month with a group of my fellow volunteers to discuss books both by American Indian authors and books about the history, art and culture of the Native Peoples of the Americas. The Book Club has provided a great opportunity to make new friends and provided a forum for an in-depth discussion of the many opportunities and challenges facing American Indians today. The Book Club is one of the many great benefits of Heard Museum Guild membership.

September Book Club Meetings

  • Northeast – Sept.   Book:           Contact:
  • West Valley – Sept.   Book:           Contact:
  • Central Phoenix – Sept. Book:     Contact:


List of Books Read:


What book club members have to say:

I cannot begin to tell you how good the heard north book club has been this year.l  Headed by Linda Hefter, the people who participated added greatly to each session.  I tried to make each session that I could and read all the books for each meeting. ~ Marlene Scholsohn

I have been a member of the North Scottsdale Guild Book Club since its inception.  I believe it is one of the best innovations to come down the pike in years.

Not only am I being exposed to books I might never have read (suggested by other members) but the group discussions reflect the diversity of backgrounds and education of the members. Our discussions are lively and self directed and always informational.

The group is welcoming to new members and is a great way to become an active  part of the Heard Museum Guild. ~ Edna Weinberg