From The Fair Chair

This page pertains to the 2016 Indian Fair & Market

Dear Friends of the Fair,

Awards are much sought after by the artists through the Juried Competition process. The Heard Museum Guild awards are particularly prestigious. If you enjoy the Fair, one way to show your appreciation is to support the Awards.


Thursday before the Fair, volunteers receive over 650 pieces of art, which can be entered into one of eight classifications:  jewelry, pottery, wooden carvings, sculpture, paintings/drawings/graphics/photography, textiles/weavings/clothing, diverse art forms, and baskets. Our expert judges award 112 cash prizes, including a Best of Classification award for each category and the Best of Show award. One of the highlights of the Fair is the Best of Show dinner on Friday night when the ribbon winners are revealed.


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Now it is time to print the award checks. This is where you and I can participate. Please, seriously consider contributing at one of the levels below. Your name will appear as a  Juried Award Sponsor in the Juried Competition Award List distributed at the Best of Show Reception and available during the Fair. Sponsors for the Best of Show ribbon, the Best of Classification ribbons, the Andy Eisenberg Award, and the Conrad House Award may have their names printed on the ribbons. The Sponsors are listed by the Categories of Giving that follow:

Categories of Giving

  • Diamond Sponsors – $5000 or more
  • Turquoise Sponsors – $1,000 or more
  • Coral Sponsors – $500 to $999
  • Abalone Sponsors – $250 to $499
  • Jet Stone Sponsors – $100 to $249
  • Contributing Sponsors – Up to $99

It’s easy to donate. Just choose your method of payment. If you would like to sponsor one of the 8 Best of Classification awards ($1,500) or the Best of Show Award ($3,500), contact Jack Brock directly at by January 30. For these 9 top awards you may choose to have your name printed on the ribbon and listed alongside the award you supported.

1) Make checks payable to Heard Museum Guild and mail them to:

Heard Museum Guild
c/o Jack Brock
P.O. Box 5771
Carefree, AZ 87377

2) Pay Online:  Click here for the Heard Guild Shop. On the “Company Name” line type your name as you want it to appear on the Sponsor list.

Thank you in advance for your generosity.

See you at the Fair!

Pat Kilburn
2016 Fair Chair

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