Fair Basketry Demonstrators

Many of the Fair’s basketry artists have agreed to locate their booths together in front of Steele Auditorium to sell and to demonstrate their art.  Take advantage of this rare opportunity to see so many basket makers in one place helping us Celebrate the Art of Basketry.

Sally Black (Navajo)  Booth #DEMO 12
Coil basketry

David Moses Bridges (Passamaquoddy)  Booth #DEMO 6
Birch Bark and etching

Kelley Church(Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa & Chippewa Indians)Booth#DEMO 8
Plaited with Curly Q overlay, Black ash harvested and processed, Dye, Sweetgrass

Carol Emarthie-Douglas (Northern Arapaho/Seminole) Booth #DEMO 07


Eugene Fredericks (Hopi) Booth #DEMO 5
Hopi sifter baskets
Yucca plant/ aniline dyes/ metal ring/ preparing yucca fibers/ weaving/ dying
Eugene_-_fredericks basketry_Demo

Jeremy Frey (Passamaquoddy) Booth #K19

Jeremy Frey (Passamaquoddy) will demonstrate at 12:30 and 2:00 p.m. in front of Steele Auditorium.  Frey will demonstrate how he splits black ash logs using an axe, pounding blacks and an ash splitter to separate the tree rings used  for basket splints. In 2011, Frey won Best of Show at the Heard Museum Guild Indian Fair & Market and the Santa Fe Indian Market for “Pointy Urchin” basket shown below. This was the first time ever that an artist won Best of Show at both major markets for a basket.


Evelyn Henry (San Carlos Apache)  & Mary Jane Dudley (San Carlos Apache) Booth # DEMO 11

Mother and daughter walk the river beds looking for the willow.  Baskets are of willow, cottonwood, buckskin, Devil’s Claw

Evelyn_Henry_-_Basketry_DemoEvelyn Henry

Mary_Jane_Dudley_-_basketry_demoMary Jane Dudley

George Neptune & youth artist Emma Soctomah(Passamaquoddy)Booth #DEMO 9

Jilli Oyenque (Ohkay Owingeh) Booth #DEMO 15
Hand harvested red willow.
Jilli Oyenque will also be demonstrating on Friday night at Best of Show Reception & Dinner.

Loa Ryan (Tsimshian) Booth #DEMO 10

Alberta Selina (Hopi, Second Mesa) Booth #DEMO 3
Coil baskets made of yucca and natural color

Royce Manuel (Akmierl Aw-Thum) Booth #DEMO 16
Royce Manuel is the recipient of the 10th Annual Spirit of the Heard Award for his community work.  And the 2010 Arizona Indain Living Treasure Award.  He single-handedly saved from extinction the ability to weave the kiaha, or traditional Pima burden basket. http://www.heard.org/spiritaward/

Kathleen Thomas (Oneida – Wisconsin) Booth #DEMO 2
Antler basketry

Tohono O’odham Community Action & Terrol Dew Johnson Booth # DEMO 4

Since 1996, TOCA has been dedicated to creating a healthy, culturally vital and sustainable community on the Tohono O’odham Nation. Terrol will be presenting a lecture on O’odham and Contemporary basketry on Thursday, January 29 as part of the Prepare for the Fair Series.  After the lecture he will be instructing a hands-on class in basket making.  See the section called “Prepare for the Fair”.