Evening Tours

Responsibilities During Special Tours and Evening Events

Special requirements for an evening guide include:

  1. Completion of at least 30 tour credits.
  2. Participation in a Training Session for Evening Guides.

Las Guias qualified volunteers who serve in the evening are assisting the Heard Museum in a contractual relationship with a private client. They should be aware that the entire operation is under the direction and authority of the Museum Event Operation Manager. Any problems with guest relations or guide’s responsibility should be addressed to him. Security is constantly in touch with him.

“Special Tours” include VI.P. Tours and tours associated with special private group activities such as breakfasts, luncheons, and evening events. Tours may be specifically scheduled or informal gallery interpretation that may be appropriate for the occasion.

A typical evening event is a private affair located in the Heard Museum facilities. A well-structured plan may include timed Highlights Tours for designated groups. More often, guides’ availability to ”tour” coincides with other simultaneous activities such as socializing, networking, cocktails/hors d’oeuvres, demonstrations, music, an open Shop/Book store, etc. A party atmosphere is common. On such occasions guides take pains to be available in the role of knowledgeable hosts and hostesses at a social function in an exotic environment. They visit galleries with pick-up groups, interpret exhibits, and
seek to help the guests enjoy an interesting evening at the Heard. (* Under no circumstances does a guide partake of food or beverages, except for water with or among the guests.)

Each guide must meet in the Guild Room and will receive event-specific orientation and an assignment from the Contact Guide.  At the conclusion of the evening make your entry in the Las Guias Sign-Out form on the Guild Room computer.

Guides receive one tour credit for each hour spent at the museum so sign-out is essential when leaving. Since programs are subject to change, it is occasionally necessary for guides to remain on duty beyond the scheduled departure hour.