Demonstrators – All Other Art Forms

The Fair artists below have agreed to locate their booths together in front of Steele Auditorium to sell and to demonstrate their art.  Most are educators as well as artists. Take advantage of this rare opportunity to see so many fine artists create and talk about their art and culture.


Fermin Hawee (Hopi)—Booth DEMO-02

Fermin Hawee has been active in silversmithing since 1991. He studied at the Hopi Silvercraft Guild Cooperative and also with his father, Billy Rae Hawee. His hallmark is a rabbit track.



Ernest William Honanie (Hopi)—Booth DEMO-12

Katsina doll carver from cottonwood root



 Jane Hyden (Navajo)—Booth DEMO-21

Fine weight Brown Sheep yarns re-spun into a tight twist to achieve detail



 Royce Manuel (Akmierl Aw-Thum)—Booth DEMO-16

Manuel is the recipient of the 10th Annual Spirit of the Heard Award for his community work, as well as the 2010 Arizona Indian Living Treasure Award.  He single-handedly saved from extinction the ability to weave the kiaha, the traditional Pima burden basket.


Jilli Oyenque (Ohkay Owingeh)—Booth DEMO-15

Hand harvested red willow



Norbert Peshlakai (Hopi)—Booth DEMO-18

Peshlakai transformed traditional stamp work into works of modern art. Peshlakai means “silver” in Navajo.

Charlene Reano (Santa Domingo)—Booth DEMO-22

Charlene does most of the designing and cuts and places the tiny mosaic pieces. Frank Reano grinds the shell and does the silver work.



Melanie Sainz (Ho-Chunk Nation of Wisconsin)—Booth DEMO-03

Porcupine quill and beadwork



Sarah Sockbeson (Penobscot)—Booth DEMO-19

Sockbeson tells us:   My goal is to embrace the modern world and combine natural elements with bright innovative colors along with original designs to create a fresh approach to a timeless art form. I strive to preserve Wabanaki basketry. Basketry, to me, is a Fine Art and in order for the tradition to survive, it must evolve. Sockbeson uses traditional material (ash and sweetgrass) and techniques.



Todd Westika (Zuni)—Booth DEMO-20

Westika, a fetish carver, believes that fetishes have a spirit and he wants people to get a sense of security and happiness from his carvings.



Rosie Yellowhair (Navajo)—Booth DEMO-14

Sand Painting
rosie 1

 Pee Posh/Maricopa Tribe—Booth DEMO-01



Tohono O’odham Community Action & Terrol Dew Johnson—Booth DEMO-04

Since 1996, TOCA has been dedicated to creating a healthy, culturally vital, and sustainable community on the Tohono O’odham Nation. Johnson will be presenting a lecture on O’odham and Contemporary basketry on Thursday, January 29, as part of the Prepare for the Fair Series.  After the lecture he will be instructing a hands-on class in basket making.

terrol 1terrol 2