Cultural Performers – Canyon Records Courtyard Stage

Tony Duncan (Apache, Arikara, Hidatsa, and Mandan) & Darrin Yazzie (Navajo)

Duncan-_Yazzie_ConcertNative American flutist Tony Duncan and guitarist Darrin Yazzie present tuneful melodies influenced by Duncan’s artistry as a world-class hoop dancer and supported by Yazzie’s graceful arrangements. This duo tours extensively throughout the U.S. and abroad for performances ranging from smaller arts festivals to larger world music events. Tony has toured with Nelly Furtado and appears in her music video, “Big Hoops.” In 2015 Tony and Darrin received an Indian Summer Music Award for their recording, “Singing Lights,” in the Best Flute Album category.

Clark Tenakhongva (Hopi)

Clark_Tenakhongva_The word “Hopi” comes from Hopituh, meaning those who live according to the way of the Hopi. For millennia, the Hopi people have lived in the great deserts of the Southwestern United States. From the Hopi people of Third Mesa, accomplished singer Clark Tenakhongva’s songs capture the gentle Hopi way of life. Prayers of rain, thanksgiving, life’s beauty and the harmony of all peoples, these songs accompany the social and ceremonial dances that have enriched the Hopi people for centuries. His evocative, original songs reflect the ancient Hopi vision of life as it continues to endure in the modern world.

Aaron White (Navajo/Ute)

Award-winning artist/singer/songwriter, Grammy-nominated musician Aaron White has been entertaining audiences for over 20 years. His mix of Native American flute, acoustic guitar with World Music overtones awakens the inner soul of those who hear his music. Blending the sounds from the two worlds that influence his music in the traditional way of Native America along with modern music, there is always something fresh and new with the music Aaron creates.

Aaron is of Northern Ute/Dine descent is an award-winning Native American flute maker and lectures on the history and culture of the flute. His passion and creations of the instrument has kept him busy for over two decades. His music has been used in award- winning films and documentaries such as “The Doe Boy” (NHK Award Sundance Film Festival).

Roman Orona (Apache/Pueblo/Yaqui)

Roman_OronaRoman Orona’s goal is to teach balance in all aspects of life. Roman works to illustrate all individuals are related through the common thread of humanity.  In being human, Roman says, “We all have a responsibility to each other, for each other, for the betterment of all human kind.”

His career has included television, film, commercials, and voiceovers. Roman produces music that blends his Native American roots with contemporary house music. He has collaborated with an early educational children’s curriculum company.

Jay Begaye & Sons (Diné)

Jay Begaye’s soaring vocals, rhythmic drumming, and creative songs move the spirit and call people to the round dance. For the last decade, Jay has fused his Diné (Navajo) heritage with the singing style of the people of the Northern Plains and carried his music to native and non-native people throughout North America. Jay is a singer, songwriter, painter, sculptor, and a former rodeo contestant. This year Jay’s sons will join him on the Pavilion Stage bringing a new element of hoop dancing to his performance.

Kenneth Cozad (Kiowa)

CozadKenneth Cozad (Kiowa/Comanche) hails from a family of talented singers. He is the son of the late Joe and Kimberly Chasenah Cozad. His paternal grandparents are the late Leonard and Velma Ahhaitty Cozad and his maternal grandparents are the late James and Florence Chasenah. He currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona with his companion Jacinta Tsosie. Kenneth has five children; Jonas, Evan, Shane, Sadie and he and his companion were just blessed with their son, Kenneth Cozad, Jr.

Kenneth is a member of the Tia-Piah Society of Oklahoma serving as whip man for the society and is part of the Kiowa Gourd Clan. He is also a member of the Native American Church, Kiowa chapter.

He recently released “Songs For Our Old People – Old Time Round Dance Songs of Oklahoma” (CR-6525) with Canyon Records.