Board Meeting, February 2015

February 11, 2015

APPROVED March 11, 2015

President Susan Kolman called the meeting to order at 9:30AM on FEBRUARY 11, 2015

Susan Kolman,Mary Endorf, Rod Passmore, Mary Bonsall, Claire Warshaw, De Bachmann, Pat Kilburn, Carol Gunn, Sue Snyder, Shelley Mowry, Reta Severtson, Diane Leonte and Dave Newark.
By Phone: Richard Borgmann
Absent: Linda Hefter
Also present: Mark Scarp, Museum Liaison and Sandy Eiker, Guild Member

Sue Snyder made a motion to approve the minutes of the January 14, 2015, Board Meeting. It was seconded by Mary Endorf and approved by all.

Mary Bonsall reported that the cash balances as of January 31, 2015, were $346,227 and that $61,968 is tagged for restricted use.

Dave Newark acknowledge receipt of the treasurer’s report and De Bachmann seconded. All affirmed receipt.

Mary B. requested that people turning in receipts for cost associated with the Cargill Fund (MACF) should mark the receipt MACF so she can note it to the correct account.

She further reported that the net income from the Book Sale was $36,395. Some of this revenue will be held aside as seed money for a future book sale. Additional income is possible in next fiscal year from sales at Bonham’s Auction.

Susan reported the following pertaining to the Museum:

  • James Pepper Henry’s last official day is February 20 but he will be working closely with the curator for the Matisse exhibit.
  • The new executive administrative assistant has been hired and will start part time in February and begin full time in March.
  • The Museum is looking into trademarking logos and names for the Heard Guild and the Heard Guild Indian Fair and Market.
  • The search committee for a new director plans to complete the process within six months. Some candidates are self-referring and others are referring candidates directly. The is also a search firm looking for candidates. Interviews will be starting soon.
  • Susan K., Cathy Short, and Mary B. met with the ASU Foundation regarding the unexpected extra fees being charged to pay the student interns. Arrangements are underway to have the Museum pay the stipends. This will not affect the support services being given to the students by ASU.
  • Susan is chairing the Book Sale Steering Committee which is exploring possible alternative formats. Anita Hicks is looking into an art driven event.
  • The proceeds from this year’s sale will be used by the Library for the Argos 2.0 Project to put the artists’ files on line. Some board members questioned the designation of funds to a specific Museum department rather than to the Museum general fund. Susan K. suggested that at this time the board approve the amount to turn over to the Library.
  • Pat Kilburn made a motion to send $34,000 to the Museum in this accounting period to be used by the Library with a formal presentation to be made at the Spring Luncheon. Rod seconded the motion.
  • During discussion of the motion it was recommended that holding back only $2,000 for start-up and marketing was not enough especially for the intended audience if the event does move toward an more art driven event.
  • Pat K. amended her original motion to send $30,000 instead of $34,000. Reta Severtson seconded the amended motion. The amended motion was approved.
  • Rod P. commented that it is very important that there be a clear and direct explanation of why $6,000 instead of $2,000 is being held out at this time for start-up and marketing costs of the future event. If it is not needed, more can be released at a later time.

AWARDS: Rod Passmore announced that the silver and gold bears are no longer available. He reviewed the Award Committee’s recommendations for Guild Service Awards. (See attached list).

MUSEUM MEMBERSHIP: Carol Gunn gave an update regarding coordinating Guild dues with Museum dues. She is continuing to work on this with Allison Lester, Museum Membership Coordinator. Board members have been emailed a copy of Allison’s proposal.

FIELD TRIPS: Shelley Mowry and Susan K. are meeting with Natalie Vandeventer about the possibility of collaborating and coordinating Guild trips and Circle’s trips.

SPRING LUNCHEON: Reta Severtson reported that the chair for the luncheon had to drop out due to increased work responsibilities. Reta now will be chair for the luncheon. She has asked many people to take over running the silent auction, but no one will take it on. She has three people who will help with the raffle. She recommends not doing the silent auction this year.

A motion was made by Pat Kilburn that for the Spring Luncheon a raffle of selected items be held and that the silent auction be eliminated this year.

Rod Passmore seconded the motion. The motion was approved.

Pat Kilburn reported that Robert Doyle will be honored at the Spring Luncheon. Rod P. suggested that Guild awards such as gatos should not be used for non Guild members. He recommended purchasing a special gift. Rod’s committee will develop an idea for this kind of award and recommend an amount to spend.

STUDENT ART SYMPOSIUM: Sue Snyder updated the board on the symposium that will be held during the Student Art Fair. Jaclyn Roessel is handling arrangement for the speakers for Saturday and Sunday. She is also receiving the applications. There will be a reception for students, teachers and symposium attendees on Friday evening.

YEAR END REPORT ARCHIVING: Sue Snyder reported that minutes and coordinator and committee year end reports are sent to the Library digitally and in hard copy. Hard copies of committee notebooks are presented to the incoming committee chair. Pat K. raised the question of the length of time for retention of hard copies of Guild records in the Library and/or sent to storage. Mark Scarp is to check on the Museum’s policy for retention of hard copies.

Rod P. asked if there are any plans for compiling a history to coincide with the 60th anniversary of the Guild in 2016. The last history covered up to 1996 so this would be from 1997 to 2016. There was additional discussion about photos that are on discs and some in the Library that have never been put in scrapbooks.

Mark Scarp reported on First Friday which had an attendance of about 350. Both the Book Store and Museum Shop were open this time.

He reported on the TV and radio media coverage for Hoop Dance.

The Museum staff is meeting regarding the upcoming Super Heroes exhibit which will coincide with the Comic Con activities.

The Fair program has arrived and is being mailed to members.

The Appreciation Dinner is on April 23 and the theme will be “Old Hollywood”.

Dave Newark reported that quotes for a new projector are being evaluated. He also reported that messages are being left on the phone in the Guild Room but not being answered. Dave will arrange for the phone in the Guild Room to be set for outbound calls only. Susan K. has given a list of email aliases to the front desk. She will also provide one to the shipping dock so the appropriate chairman or coordinator can be notified when items have been received.

Carol Gunn requested that at a future board meeting the members’ files in the file cabinet in the Guild Room be discussed.

 Meeting adjourned at 11:29 AM

Respectfully submitted,
Claire Warshaw,