Artwork Divisions and Categories



Division 1, Grades 7 – 9

  • One (1) entry per student

Division 2, Grades 10 – 12

  • Two (2) entries per student


(A) Weaving & Textiles: Quilts, sashes, rugs, wall hangings.

(B) Beadwork: All items with beads except tobacco pouches, pipes, moccasins, and bandolier bags which go to cultural items.

(C) Pottery: (Slip molds and green ware not allowed.) Bowls, plates, canteens, and small figures of animals.  Larger, more contemporary ceramics go in sculpture.

(D) Jewelry & Lapidary

(E) Cultural Items: Looms, dolls, dream catchers, gods’ eyes, hogans, bows and arrows, flutes, cradle boards, plus above-noted beaded items (tobacco pouches, pipes, moccasins, bags).

(F) Drawings: Pencil, pen and ink, charcoal, crayon, marker, pastels, scratch board.

(G) Paintings: Oil, acrylic, watercolor, full coverage pastels, tempera.

(H) Photographs: Plain or enhanced, color, black & white.

(J) Collage and Mixed Media: Use of two or more art mediums.

(K) Sculpture: Hand-wrought stone, wood, metal, large ceramic, papier mache, cloth, rope baskets.

(L) Computer Generated Art

(M) Graphics: Blocks – tile, wood, or stone; engraving, woodcuts, mono-prints, silk screen.

(N) Baskets: Fiber, wood.

NOTE:  Categories F, G, H, J, L, and M must be mounted on rigid matting, but without glass or frames.

The Heard Museum Guild reserves the right to change art categories.