Artifacts – January 2015

Guild President Greetings

Happy New Year!!! I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday season! As we start the New Year, please include the Guild in your list of resolutions – plan to attend more Guild meetings, participate in committees, and share your talents with volunteer opportunities.

The Guild calendar for the coming year is full of events and programs. The Indian Fair and Market is just around the corner. The Student Art Show and Sale follows quickly thereafter. In addition to the two big events are great lectures, trips, Guild meetings, book club get-togethers and more!!

Included in this issue of Artifacts are the proposed changes to our By-laws prepared by our By-law and Policy committee. Please take the time to review the proposal thoroughly. We will take time at the Guild meeting to talk about the committee’s recommendations. The Board has already voted to approve the changes and the Guild membership will vote at the February meeting. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Bylaw committee chair, Richard Borgmann: or members of our Board.

Wishing all of you a fulfilling and joyous New Year!

Best, Susan

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Welcome New Guild Members

Sandra Collier
Diane Kowaleski
Marcia Mason
Daniel Nelson
Sam Wanner
Vicki Wanner

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Guild January General Meeting Jan. 21, Steele Auditorium

Terry Dewald. Terry is opening the our Indian Fair lectures and discussions with the history of baskets in the Southwestern United States. He will lead us through the WHY of baskets, including similarities and base construction, patterns and materials, and include overall values of various types of baskets. He will talk about the Navajo/Apache/Tohono O”otham baskets as part of his discussion. Read more about Terry DeWald HERE.


  • Social: 9:30 am
  • Program: 10:00 am – 11:00
  • 11:00 am Business.

Also available for purchase:

  • Note Cards for holiday gifts, hostess gifts and personal use. Help support the intern scholarship program.
  • 2015 Fair merchandise available at pre-Fair prices.

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Heard Guild Proposed Bylaws

The Proposed Bylaws of the Heard Museum Guild were approved by the Guild Board of Directors to be submitted to the Guild membership for final approval at the Guild general membership meeting on February 18, 2015.  You can reference the Proposed Bylaws HERE. The Proposed Bylaws will be presented for review and discussion at the January 21, 2015, Guild general membership meeting.

Update: Indian Fair & Market, March 6,7 & 8

The January Guild Meeting is the kick-off to the Basketry informational series.  Terry DeWald will introduce you to baskets in the Southwest, Great Basin and California.  In-depth sessions and a hands-on basket making session take place in the following weeks.  Registration closes January 22.  So come prepared to the Guild Meeting to add your name to the reservation list.  See more information at

The January Guild Meeting is also the last opportunity to purchase Fair merchandise at pre-Fair prices.  If you have not made your contribution toward ribbon awards or purchased your Best of Show Drawing tickets, Mary Bonsall and her trusty credit card machine will be on hand to help.

The Indian Fair & Market is only two months away and there is much to do now that the Holidays are behind us.  All committees are seeking volunteers.  Lucille Shanahan has given you information in this publication.  For those of you who have not already signed up or are undecided, Lucille will be at the January Guild meeting to help you select assignments.

By now you have all received your Fair Brochure.  I will expand upon what is new at the Fair in my brief presentation immediately following Terry DeWald’s talk.  I invite you all to glance through the webpages for the Fair and share this website with others.  There is much information out there and much more to come at

See you at the Guild Meeting and the Fair!

Pat Kilburn, Heard Museum Guild Indian Fair & Market Chair

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Hotel Booking for Fair Volunteers

During Indian Market and Fair many volunteers, especially those who must be on site very early, find it easiest to stay at a nearby hotel. To help with this, the Guild has made arrangements for volunteers to receive a discounted rate at the Hilton Garden Inn, Phoenix/Midtown.

The rate for 2 queen beds or 1 king is $129.00 per night ($146.12 with tax) with free parking.  This discounted rate is available Thursday, Friday & Saturday nights (March 6, 7 & 8). Each room includes a refrigerator and a microwave; the restaurant serves breakfast and dinner.

The hotel is located at just off Central and Indian School. Address: 4000 N. Central, Phoenix, AZ  85012. Light rail is about ½ block away at Central and Indian School.

Deadline to book: Feb 6, 2015.

Reservations can be made on line by clicking HERE.

The code is HEARD1

Or you can call the hotel directly at 602-279-9811 and ask to book a room under group code HEARD1.  If you have difficulties getting the rate, Hilton staff members, Michelle Ranger and Tina Santos, can help you.

Questions or problems: Sue Pappas

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“Native People of the Southwest: An Overview” Course

5_Southwest_tribes 500

  • When:Saturday, Jan. 17, 24, 31, 2015; 9:30am-12:30pm Where: Encanto Room
  • Description: Native Peoples of the Southwest is the Heard Museum Guild’s popular and longest-running short course. Participants will learn about the Southwest and the first Americans from the prehistoric peoples and their historic descendants to the people today who continue to blend their ancient traditions with the challenges of the 21st century. The aim of the three session course is to promote respect and appreciation for the art and culture of Native Peoples. January 29, after a lunch break, participants will be offered an optional, free admission, extended tour of the Heard Museum at 2:00 pm.
  • Instructor: Lucille Shanahan, Heard Guild Las Guias (docent)
  • Fee:
    • Active Las Guias Free
    • Guild Members $40.00
    • Museum Members $50.00
    • Non-members $60.00
  • Registration: Opens November 1, 2014.
  • Contact:Course Facilitator, Sidney Wilson:

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Prepare for the Fair Basketry Lecture Series

Fair BASKETS Logo final 11-10-14 low resAs part of the “Prepare for the Fair”, please save these dates for special presentations:

  • Jan. 21st, Guild meeting—Terry DeWald -Historic Baskets of the SW
  • Jan. 29th, Terroll Dew Johnson-O’odham Baskets
  • Feb. 5th, Mark Bahti-Apache and Pai Baskets
  • Feb. 12th, Larry Dalrymple-Navajo and Hopi Baskets
  • Feb. 19th, Heard Curators and Shop Staff-Tips on Purchasing

At the end of the Jan 29, Feb 5, and Feb 12 sessions, Barbara Jones will share her knowledge of baskets with you while viewing the Heard collection. See more details on these courses and the Presenters HERE.

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Heard Guild Explores Heads East

Herbert_Stevens_Heard Guild Explores will head east in January for an informative day trip to San Carlos Apache Reservation. We will depart from the museum at 8:00 a.m. on Thursday, January 15, 2015, and head east to historic Globe. From Globe, we will continue on to San Carlos for a presentation by artist and educator Herbert R. Stevens at the Apache Culture Center. Around 1:00 p.m., we will enjoy a buffet lunch at Apache Gold Casino before returning to Phoenix by 6:00 p.m. The cost of this trip will be $50 per person, which includes the cost of the bus and entry fee, plus $10.99 for lunch. To register for this event, contact Catherine Meschter at or Sue Snyder at

San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation and Culture Center The San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation was established in 1872 as a reservation for the Chiricahua Apache tribe. Over time, many bands of Apache were relocated to the reservation from their traditional homelands, extending from Texas through New Mexico and Arizona into Mexico and California. The reservation was referred to by some as “Hell’s Forty Acres,” due to environmental conditions and poor health of its residents.

The reservation covers about 3,000 square miles and is located 110 miles east of Phoenix. The population today is around 15,000. The Culture Center opened in 1995 in Peridot, Arizona, to explain the history and culture of the Apache people to visitors. The Center features a special exhibit, Window on Apache Culture, which describes the Apache’s spiritual beginnings and important ceremonies, such as the Changing Woman.

The Director of the Culture Center is Apache elder and renowned artist Herbert R. Stevens. In 2011, Mr. Stevens received the prestigious Arizona Indian Living Treasure Award in a ceremony at the Heard Museum for his work as a storyteller and writer, and for his artwork, which includes Apache flutes and violins, baskets, moccasins, and ceremonial buckskin clothing. Mr. Stevens also works tirelessly to preserve and teach the Apache language. We will hear Mr. Stevens speak about the Apache people and will have time to browse the exhibits. Books on Apache history and fine crafted items from Apache artists are available for sale at the Center, including burden baskets, cradle boards, paintings, and jewelry made with locally-mined Peridot gemstones.

The San Carlos Apache Tribal Government owns and operates the Apache Gold Casino.

We will have lunch at the Wikiup Buffet and will have time to visit the gift shop.

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Education Ketoh – Open to all Guild Members & Public – Friday, Jan. 16, 1:00pm, Encanto

Missed it the first time in October? Catch it this time in January! Event:California Missions: Road to Salvation or Another Trail of Tears?

Presenter: Lucille Shanahan
Description: California Missions: Road to Salvation or Another Trail of Tears is a lecture/power point presentation which examines the impact of the twenty-one California Missions on California Indians between 1770 and 1860. Cost: No cost and open to the public in addition to Guild and Museum members.

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Guild Trips

Guild’s Kino Heritage Tour Trip

Kino_TripWhen: Mar. 19-21. A 4 day fully inclusive tour to northern Sonora. All meals, tips and welcome receptions. Visit the missions of: San Xavier, Tumacacori, San Ignacio, Magdalena de Kino, Oquitoa, Pitiquito, Átil, Tubutama,Caborca, Banámichi, Huépac, Aconchi, Baviácora, and Arizpe.
Flyer HERE
Registration Form HERE.
Contact: Shelley Mowry:

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Navajo Weaving Trade An Artist’s Perspective

Navajo_WeaverWhen: April 29-May 3 . We travel through the four corners region with native arts expert Mark Bahti to visit famous weavers in their own element. This tour will offer an in-depth look at the techniques used by many different weavers. The trip will include hands-on demonstrations that will allow an appreciation of this very sacred art form.

Very limited participation.

Flyer HERE
Registration Form HERE.
Contact: Shelley Mowry at:

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Ancestral Pueblo People – Anasazi – Mesa Verde National Park

HovenweepWhen: May 10-14. An extraordinary 5 day /4 night experience highlighting Mesa Verde National Park. Come explore the largest archeological preserve in the United States. Guided by Bob Scarborough, a Native American historian and expert in Archaeology and Anthropology. This tour will focus on visiting many of the cliff dwellings in the Park, including the Cliff Palace and Spruce Tree House, all while learning the historic significance of the Anasazi people and their relevance to Indian Art and Architecture. Your appreciation of the Anasazi’s will be heightened by all we will do and see since the story of their existence isn’t well documented. We’ll spend 3 nights in upgraded accommodations at the Far View Lodge in Mesa Verde. On Day 4, we’ll visit Hovenweep National Park, once home to six Ancestral Puebloan villages, and learn of the cultural changes that took place starting with Paleo-Indians inhabitants through Hunter-Gathers and finally Puebloan People.Our last evening is spent at the La Posada Hotel, listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Our farewell dinner will be in the famed Turquoise Room, led by John Sharpe, a James Beard Award nominee. This informative and enlightening tour promises to deliver what Heard Guild members have come to expect in our travels to the Four Corners region and will be sure to give you a deeper understanding and appreciation the Anasazi’s and their descendants.

Ancestral People/Mesa Verde – Flyer
Ancestral People/Mesa Verde – Registration Form

For more details, Contact: Shelley Mowry:

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Book Clubs

Connect with other Guild members by joining one of the Guild Book Clubs meeting monthly in members’ homes across the Valley. You choose where you would like to attend. This is an opportunity to read and discuss new books related to American Indian culture — both fiction and non-fiction. If you are interested in becoming a member of an exciting literary group, find a location near your home.

The Northeast Valley book Club of the Heard Guild: Our next meeting will be at 10 a.m. Thursday, January 8, at the home of Ron Boster.

RevoltBook Selection: Revolt: An Archaeological History of Pueblo Resistance and Revitalization in 17th Century New Mexico by Matthew Liebmann. The first book-length history of the Pueblo Revolt of 1680 that incorporates archaeological evidence as a primary source of data, this volume is one of a kind in its attempt to put these events into the larger context of Native American cultural revitalization. Despite the fact that the only surviving records of the revolt were written by Spanish witnesses and contain certain biases, author Matthew Liebmann finds unique ways to bring a fresh perspective to Revolt.
Contact Linda Hefter:

The West Valley book Club of the Heard Guild
will meet on Tuesday, January. 6 at 10:00 a.m. at the home of Winona Passmore.


Otawi_BridgeBook Selection: The House at Otowi Bridge: The Story of Edith Warner and Los Alamos by Peggy Pond. This is the story of Edith Warner, who lived for more than twenty years as a neighbor to the Indians of San Ildefonso Pueblo, near Los Alamos, New Mexico. She was a remarkable woman, a friend to everyone who knew her, from her Indian companion Tilano, who was an elder of San Ildefonso, to Niels Bohr, Robert Oppenheimer, and the other atomic scientists who worked at Los Alamos during World War II.

Contact Winona Passmore:

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Can You Help?

VOLUNTEER: Museum,First Fridays NATIVE +YOU

  • When: First Friday of the Month
  • Shifts: 6 – 9 pm
  • Tasks:
    • Wrist Banding: (2) Two Volunteers. Assist Visitor Services in attaching wristbands to all attendees of First Friday. Attendees over 21 will be given one color and attendees under 21 will be given another. The two colors of wrist bands are orange and red. Please refer to Cathy Ruvinov, Visitor Services Manager as to the designated color for each age group as it is not always the same to prevent misuse.
    • Information Table (2) Two Volunteers, Shifts: 6 – 9 pm Monitor the information table and answer questions about the evening, the museum and distribute museum collateral.
    • Admissions Desk (2) Two Volunteers, Shifts: 6 – 8 pm & 8 – 10 pm Monitor the Admissions desk, hand out gallery guides and answer questions about the evening.
    • Way Finding (6) Six Volunteers, Shifts: 6 – 8pm & 8 – 10 pm Assist visitors in locating the evening’s activities and answer questions about the evening.
    • Activity Station (2) Two Volunteers, 6 – 9 pm Assist visitors with the night’s activities and monitor materials.

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VOLUNTEER: 2015 Heard Museum Guild Indian Fair and Market- Saturday March 7, 2015 and Sunday March 8, 2015

Volunteers are needed in many areas both Saturday and Sunday in AM, Mid-day or PM shifts. Come for one, or two or three shifts –whatever your schedule and stamina allow.

Mix your areas. Ask your friends and family to volunteer. Enjoy the Fair and help the Guild and our artists


Your volunteer badge entitles you to free admission both Saturday and Sunday regardless of when you volunteer! Badges may be picked up any time Saturday or Sunday!

Booth Relief! Volunteers circulate offering relief to artists so they may leave their booths for a break, to eat, to visit fellow artists, etc.  Volunteers sit in the artists’ booths to safeguard art and let potential buyers know when to return.  No selling.
Contact: Kathy and Bill Beebe at

Hospitality The Indian Fair & Market Hospitality Committee is responsible for distributing breakfast, water, and refreshments throughout the day to the artists at the Indian Fair & Market.  Pre-Fair Early, AM and PM shifts.
Contact: John and Sally Nuerenberg at

Drawing Tickets Sell Tickets to multiple drawings for donated Indian artists’ works throughout the weekend.Sit-down job. Shifts available AM, Mid-day, PM both Saturday and Sunday.
Contact: Louise Wakem at

Food and Beverage Pavilion Arizona Taste will once again be providing a variety of great food and beverages at the 2015 Fair.  We need many volunteers to sell tickets, distribute beverages, assist fairgoers to the right lines, and to nearby covered seating.
Contact: Richard Borgmann at

Merchandise Many volunteers are needed both Saturday and Sunday to sell Fair Merchandise.  This year’s fabulous Art of Basketry T-shirts and denim shirts should be flying out of the Booth.  Be on hand to help eager buyers.
Contact: Mark Kolman at


Best of Show Night, Friday, March 6, 5:30 to 8:00 pm

BOS Security Best of Show Security in Steele Auditorium is a great way to meet and speak with the artists and collectors.  You are responsible for making sure that no one touches the Art.  You serve a 45 minute to one hour shift (you will be standing.)
Contact: John and Judie Carpenter at

BOS Silent Auction Help garner bids at the Silent Auction, a great event and a wonderful opportunity to interact with collectors and lovers of Native American Art. The items in the auction are always of the highest merit and the shifts are short:  5:30 – 6:45 PM and 6:45 – 8:00 PM.
Contact: Kathie McIsaac at

BOS Volunteer Perk:  Volunteers for BOS Security or Silent Auction purchase discounted dinner tickets for $40.00 (reg. $75.00). Enjoy all the tastes, sights, sounds and events of BOS before or after your shift.

To volunteer or for further information, contact the individual Committee Chairs (see above) or Lucille Shanahan, 2014 IF&M Volunteer Placement Chair,

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VOLUNTEER: Student Art Show & Sale

  • When: Last two weeks of March
  • Tasks: The Student Art Show and Sale team is looking for a couple of volunteers for computer support. We are looking for someone to shadow our current team leaders Susan Caulk and Jan Ringgenberg with the goal of taking the lead in the future. Comfort with computers and data entry is essential. The volunteer must be detail oriented. This is a wonderful, once a year, activity.
  • Contact: Reta Severtson:

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VOLUNTEER: Become a Member of The “G2” Tech Team

If you are a little bored and are comfortable with computers and the internet the Guild’s Technology group can use your help!!! We are a good group of folks and not at all “geekees.” Please join us and do your volunteer hours from the comfort of your own home wearing you r “PJs.” If you are nice enough we might even tell you what G2 means. We need help managing our Guild Membership and Shopping Cart systems as well as updating our internet site. Contact: Dave Newark: Technology Management Chair or Richard Borgmann: Technology Coordinator

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Las Guias Volunteer for Special Events Tours

Guiding Tours for the Museum’s Special Events is always rewarding.

  • First Fridays Shifts are approximately 3 hours.
  • Shifts for other Events are usually 1-1/2 hours.

Contact Rusty Hale at:

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Recorded hours ending March 31st, 2013  totaled 1,083,683.  As of this date recorded volunteer hours total 1,106,061.  The total number of volunteer hours to date for this year is 22,378.  This is approximately one third of our annual average.I would encourage all Guild Volunteers to record any hours they have not recorded for 2014 before the new year begins.If you prefer not to use the computer program on the Guild Web Site, please send them to me and I will be happy to record for you or mail them to me or leave them in the Guild Room in the labeled box.  We have just over 3 months before we March 31st arrives and we close the recording for the year.Contact me, Rod Passmore;  or mail to: 13638 N. Newcastle Drive, Apt 6, Sun City, Arizona, 85351.Post Your Volunteer Hours. The Guild needs your help in regularly recording your volunteer hours. Make it a habit to enter your volunteer hours weekly.Have you recorded your hours this week? You can do so HERE.back to the table of contents

New on the Guild Website

Check out the following pages on the website for new information:

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Shop Amazon and Support the Heard Museum.

Amazon_Smile Shopping on the Internet is even more rewarding now. When you shop on Amazon, you can buy what you want, when you want, AND have Amazon donate a percentage of your purchase to the HEARD MUSEUM!! It’s simple to register and an easy way to support the Heard each time you purchase online. Here’s how:

  • Go online to
  • Create an account or enter your user ID and Amazon password – log-in
  • Select the Heard Museum,Phoenix, AZ as the recipient of AmazonSmile contributions
  • Shop till you drop!!!

Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to the charitable organization of your choice. AmazonSmile is the same Amazon you know. Same products, same prices, same service. Return to for your online shopping and build Amazon’s contributions to the Heard!!

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Upcoming Guild Events

Jan. 6 – West Valley Book Club Meets.
Jan. 10 – East Valley Book Club Meets.
Jan. 14 – Guild Board Meeting.
Jan. 14 – Fair Steering Committee Meeting.
Jan. 15 – Heard Guild Explores: Day trip to San Carlos Apache Reservation.
Jan. 16 – Education Ketoh: California Missions: Road to Salvation or Another Trail of Tears?
Jan. 17, 24, 31 – Short Course: Overview of Southwestern tribes.
Jan. 21 – Guild General Meeting: Terry DeWald to discuss the ‘why’ of basketry.
Jan. 24 – 30 – Guild Trip – Alamos, Mexico International Music Festival.
Jan. 29 – Prepare for the Fair Lecture: Terrol Dew Johnson, O’odham Baskets.
Jan. 29 – Hands on Basket Weaving Class by Terrol Dew Johnson.
Jan. 30 – New Exhibit – Isleta walk-thru for Las Guias at 9:30 and 1:30.

All details for the above; time, location, registration, and contact person can be found on the website Calendar.

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Upcoming Museum Events

Jan. 2 – First Friday: Native + You: ‘Rockabilly’
Jan. 14 – What It Means to be an American: The Women of the West
Jan 25 – Film screening: ‘In Whose Honor?’: The story of a woman who took on American Indian mascots for sports teams.
Jan. 27, 29, 30 – January artist demonstrations.
Jan. 28 – Film screening: ‘Indian Relay’ tells of an unheralded area of American Indian life: horse racing.
Jan. 30 – Symposium: ‘Indigenous Stereotypes in Sports’

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