Guild Trip to Copper Canyon was Fantastic!

An amazing trip to Copper Canyon was provided by Guild Travel Chair, Shelley Mowry and South of the Border Tours owner, Stephen Bernier and was enjoyed tremendously by each and everyone on the trip. Most enjoyable was having local & knowledgeable tour guides who provided rolling lectures throughout the trip, enhancing our knowledge of this region in Mexico, it’s people, it’s history & culture.

This trip was a exploration into the scenic beauty of the Northern Chihuahua country side & Sierra Madre mountains. Starting in the tropical climate of Alamos then climbing up 8000 feet to the colder climate of the Copper Canyon region. An in person experience of the Tarahumara people and their culture was treated with respect & admiration.

The hotel experience spanned from a two night stay at the charming & elegant Spanish colonial Hacienda de la Santos hotel in Alamos to the rustic throwback in time of kerosene lamps and pot belly stoves in the Copper Canyon region.

The train ride, Gondola ride and zip line (by the braver travelers) offered wonderful views of the scenic beauty of this region and the canyon.

As usual the busload of travelers provided a boost to the local economy by purchasing Tarahumara baskets & folk art. Each stop provided us with shopping experiences that included outdoor markets to purchasing from local Tarahumara basket weavers at the train stops.

Food, service & entertainment was excellent. A standout performance of a chorus line formed by the travelers belting out their rendition of Féliz Navidad during a Karaoke happy hour was a highlight. We enjoyed a taste of the haute cuisine in Alamos to the locally prepared food of the Tarahumara in Copper Canyon. Every meal in between was a gastronomic delight.

As a frequent traveler on the Guild trips I can tell you that I cannot pick my favorite trip as they have all been equally enriching. On every trip it is a special delight meeting up with old friends and making new friends with like-minded people.

Thanks Shelley, Stephen and to all of you on this trip for providing me with such an enjoyable, enriching experience. I have such wonderful memories to enjoy until the next time we meet.
Diane Leonte