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The Heard Guild is the Best Part of My Retirement


I joined the Heard Guild soon after I retired to satisfy a life-long interest in Indians and their culture, having been taken by my grandfather to the maple syruping done by his Seneca friends.

I particularly like working with like-minded people, be it as a guide, a shop worker, or as a chairman or worker at the Fair or other weekend events.

I particularly like guiding children and seeing their interest awaken.

The Heard trips are first-class and we get to meet and interact with many people.

I have made lasting friendships with other volunteers.

All in all, working at the Heard has proven to be the most rewarding part of my retirement.

I love the Heard Guild organization.

Marilyn Brooks

Heard Museum Guide Enjoys Sitting in the Courtyard With Good Friends

Heard_Courtyard_cafeThe Heard Museum is spectacular! Sitting in the Courtyard with good friends on a glorious fall day, basking in the peace and serenity of the place – life doesn’t get better than this. Inside the Museum, thoughtful, beautiful exhibits are arranged to teach visitors and volunteers alike the rich past and the ongoing presence of American Indian cultures in the American Southwest.

I discovered when I retired from a long and joyous career as a middle school English teacher that the Heard offered me a perfect way to remain a teacher in a completely different setting and with none of the hassles – papers to grade, faculty meetings, etc. Las Guias training was the place for me to begin my Heard adventures, and before the end of the first class, I knew I had found a new home. In the years since I completed the class in 2010, I have been continually delighted with guiding tours, including stories and humor, showing visitors the wonders of Southwestern Indian art and history, and meeting Museum visitors from all over the world. It is a very special kind of teaching that I know keeps a smile on my face and delight in each new tour group. It definitely keeps me an active teacher, and I have no doubt will keep me young forever.

Jackie Kemmer