It Started With Taking A Short Course….Which I Now Teach.


I first visited the Heard Museum while attending a few Spring Training Games in March of 1995.

I added the Heard to my annual “teacher plays hooky” itinerary in Phoenix.  In 2002, I retired to Surprise, Arizona from Chicago.  One day ten years ago while at the Heard North Shop in Scottsdale, I saw a flyer for a four-session course called “Native Peoples of the Southwest”

I took the course, and the rest, as they say is, history.

Since 2004, I have been a member of the Heard Museum Guild.  The Guild is a challenging, educational, eye-opening, and enjoyable experience. What we do is worthwhile and valuable to the Museum and to the Indian communities we serve. Membership has given me both a sense of purpose and a feeling of accomplishment.  The Guild keeps me growing and has expanded my horizons. Also, there is a camaraderie among Guild members that is stronger and more vibrant than any other organization of which I have been a member. Most of all, I’m having fun.

I remember people asking me when I was about to retire, “What are you going to do with your time?”  To which I always replied, “Whatever I want!”  Even I didn’t suspect how wonderfully that prediction would come true.

Lucille Shanahan